Home & Property Clearing

Detail from Spirits by Susan Sloane

If you’re reading this page then you already know you need help. You came to the right place!

You are not crazy! Below are common “symptoms” of ghosts (people that have passed on), negative beings (entities/demons), and energetic imprints of negative events (fighting, heartbreak, abuse, death) in your home.

Negative energy imprints can be present from people who have lived in or visited your home in the past. I recommend an annual Home Clearing, like a Spring cleaning, to start fresh!

When selling your home, have it Cleared before you list it to make it fresh and feel positive for buyers.

If you Clear your new home and property before you move in you will remove any lingering negative energy from the previous family and it will truly feel fresh and new!

Here are a few signs that you have unwanted housemates and you need a Home Clearing:

Lack of physical energy – you feel drained and heavy when you’re at home, but not when you’re out.

Getting chills when you’re in a certain room, or feel that you’re being watched.

A general feeling of negativity in your home – you just don’t enjoy being there.

You get the heebeegeebee’s from a certain closet, corner, room, or basement.

Are you afraid to be home alone?

Feeling anger for no reason or sudden arguments over insignificant things.

You or a family member had a sudden onset of illness, exhaustion, or addiction.

Are you seeing somebody out of the corner of your eye, then turn and no one is there?

Children or pets acting as if they see something you don’t.

Do you pull the sheet over your head at night pretending it will protect you? It won’t!

Detail from Spirits by Susan Sloane

How I can help you:

I will “evict” your unwanted guests gently, with care and compassion, sending them to the Light, while also clearing all negative imprints found. Your home will feel lighter, fresher, happier, and most importantly, calm and safe.

What I do works whether you believe in it or not! You will feel a difference immediately after the clearing and sleep well that evening.

A Clearing can be done remotely via phone, or in-person. Both are equally effective at removing ghosts and negative beings and raising the vibration, or overall “feeling” of your home, and will protect you. A remote Clearing via phone can be done anywhere in the world. During an in-person clearing, the energetic imprints can be cleared more thoroughly from objects like furniture, for example. This is important if someone recently passed in the home, or if violence has occurred there. We can discuss this prior to making your appointment.

All of Sloane’s Home, Business, & Property Clearings are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How it works:

To schedule your Clearing Session please use the form below. Be sure to include the best time to reach you, and a brief description of what’s been happening.

I will call you within 24 hours to discuss your concerns in more detail. I will then give you an estimated amout of time I will need to complete the clearing. (Often, one remote hour is sufficient, but sometimes two or more hours are needed if there is heavy activity or it’s a large property.) Then we will mutally decide on a day and time for the Clearing.

You’ll receive an invoice and a form via email, to be filled out and returned with your payment.

During the Clearing Session, I will tell you exactly what and who I see in the home as I clear it. Sometimes there is a lot of information to relay, or messages, etc., sometimes not. You will have an opportunity to ask me any questions you like, or ask your “houseguest” before they go and I will relay the answers.

You’ll notice your home feeling “lighter” and calmer over the next few hours after the Clearing Session.

Rarely, I miss a ghost or entity if they go into hiding during a Clearing, or leave and come back after. I am very thorough, but it happens occasionally when there is heavy activity from many entities. If anything “shows up” over the next two weeks, feel free to call or text me and I’ll perform a second Clearing free of charge, remotely.

Home & Property Clearing Sessions are $250 per hour.

All in-person Clearing Sessions are a two-hour minimum, plus travel time from North Eastern Massachusetts.

*Please include your phone number and time zone in your message!*