Like A Spiritual Warrior Returning From Battle….

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Happy New Moon!

Thankfully, today is just a plain old new moon. No eclipse, no super moon. Phew! Are we there yet?

About the second week of March it felt like we collectively put our foot on the gas for a speed version of energetic limbo – “How low can you go?”

“Well, I looked my demons in the eyes, laid bare my chest, said ‘Do your best, destroy me. You see, I’ve been to hell and back so many times, I must admit you kind of bore me.’”~ Ray Lamontagne, Empty

Empty is the feeling left by the tornado of emotion and darkness we just passed through. I’m told it wasn’t darkness at all. It was more light being poured in squeezing us through yet another ‘eye of the needle’ experience, but it certainly felt like another Dark Night Of The Soul. It felt like being wrung out and pelted at the same time. This is not just me, not just you – I’ve spoken to many people going through the same things: sleepless nights, feeling lost, facing inner demons, revisiting old wounds and negative memories, wondering Is this all there is? What has it all been for? What’s next? What’s meaningful? And, what can bring inspiration back?

Finally, in the last few days it feels as if the intensity is easing up, and after four weeks of being internally scrubbed by the Universal car wash we are being pushed out the other side and can breathe again. I’m so relieved, because I don’t think I could have taken much more of that! I feel like a Spiritual Warrior returning from battle.

What have you decided to leave behind? To change? To finally begin? Are you beginning to see more clearly what you need to let go of that hasn’t thus far made you happy?

My Guides tell me that the inspiration will come. New directions, projects, relationships, and opportunities are on deck, and the image I’m getting is wetting a finger to see which way the wind blows. In other words, things will change quickly, and come and go, so grab opportunities while they’re in front of you – don’t wait for better circumstances. It is time. Put up your sail and go with the flow, and I’m feeling that the flow is about to speed up, thankfully in a good way : ) My Guides are also saying to let this current carry you for a while, that things will come to you, instead of trying to make things happen or looking for a way. Just flow, and know that what you need and desire will come into your awareness – then grab it with both hands lest it be a slippery fish!

During this brief pause between what we’ve just come out of and the positive flow arriving, please be gentle with yourself. Meditate, journal, let the sun warm your skin, walk barefoot on the Earth, and maybe do a Spring diet detox or fast. As for me, I’m going raw for two weeks and will spend as much time outside as possible after hibernating like a bear through that brutal winter.

Spring at last, Spring at last! Thank God almighty, Spring at last!

If you need support, Guidance, and clarity for these changes contact me for an Angelic Reading and Healing Session here.




2 responses to “Like A Spiritual Warrior Returning From Battle….”

  1. Amen indeed, Jenn!

  2. Amen to that. I’m wrung out and left to dry! Feel more energy to the positive in the last few days and that is all good! Jenn A.