A Solstice Message For You


Happy Solstice!

For many, this is a Sacred weekend leading to Monday’s Winter Solstice. This is the perfect time – as is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve – to review the past year’s victories and losses, lessons and gains. I like to make a list of the things I’ve accomplished (even seemingly small ones) and journal on it all. It brings a feeling of closure to the year, then in January I focus on what I want to create anew. If you can find time to do this for yourself, you’ll see that this quiet time can create a sense of peace within you, and also you’ll see that you have come farther than you think!

As I was thinking about what to write you, one of my Beloved Guides said he has a message for us, so I’ve included it below. As he spoke and I wrote I did what he was asking and my whole being shifted and relaxed into a beautiful feeling. Try it, you’ll like it! He said:

“Be Still. Listen. Can you hear it?

Amid, underneath, and above all the noise and chatter It is calling you. Listen. Can you hear it?

Slow down your busyness. Refuse to be stressed about the Holy Days. Giving gifts, suffocating crowds, overspending, and long to-do lists are all superfluous and meaningless activities that you don’t even know why you do them. Because ‘someone’ told you this is how it’s supposed to be? Nay.

There is something else. Listen. Can you hear it? It is the call of your Soul. Breathe deep. It wants to give you a Holy gift. Silence, Peace, Belonging, Love, Comfort. It wants to give this to you and through you. You cannot wrap it with a bow, you cannot buy it in a mall, you can’t even put a price on it. Yet this is the only gift you truly desire, and so do your loved ones.

Are you listening? Can you hear it? Your Soul has a message for you. But you cannot hear it over Christmas tunes. Light a fire, light a candle. Be still. Slow your breathing. Open your heart. Do not be afraid to feel. Tears will cleanse you, then free you to love.

Slow your heartbeat and listen. It knows what the world will never tell you.

All you have to do to receive this gift is say “Yes, thank you”. Can you feel the relief? “Yes, thank you”. Does your heart swell? “Yes, thank you” and the Peace begins. Give yourself this gift all day, every day and your life experience will transform rapidly. “Yes, thank you”.

Receive the gift, be the gift, give the gift of your calm, loving presence (presents). And that, my Beloved Friends, is priceless.

Praying you to choose a Sacred, Loving and Forgiving Holy Day ~ M”

Whew! I’m on cloud t-e-n after writing, rereading, and doing that! I’m going to put a sticky note on my bathroom mirror and one on my desk that says “Yes, thank you” to remind me to do this everyday, all day.

Who would you like to share your presence/presents with? Social media is nice, but who can you call on your phone (yes, you can converse on a phone too) that is wanting a loving friend right now? Your Soul knows. Be still. Listen. Dial. Ha!

Seeing you loved, warm, prosperous, and smiling. And so it is.