The Antidote To Holidays With Family


For some people spending Holidays with family is a warm and wonderful time of cozy nights by the fire singing in harmony, drinking eggnog, and reminiscing about the ole days. Maybe that’s just in the movies, because I don’t know anyone who’s had that experience. (If you do, please tell me it’s true!)

For the rest of us, Holidays are a challenging, emotionally pressured time, but it doesn’t have to be. Try this perspective on for size, and see if it helps you release some -if not all- of that pressure…

Our families can be our greatest teachers. Teachers test, it’s how students learn and grow. They push our buttons that activate exactly what we need to rethink, out-grow, overcome. They can be mirrors for all of our deepest insecurities and the shadow places we like to hide – even from ourselves.

By loving those parts of you, having compassion for yourself as you would a beloved friend, you begin to forgive your own perceived short-comings and weaknesses. Then those buttons lose their charge and you can extend that love, compassion, and forgiveness to your family. It seems like a lot of work, I know, but it’s really only a shift in perspective and energy once you get quiet and tune in to it.

Do you know that you also push their buttons and act as a mirror for them? All the advice they gave you and never took themselves, all their flaws and neurosis are under the spotlight in your radiant, glowing presence and even if the ego hides their reaction, they feel it too.

Let’s be bigger than this situation. By that I don’t mean pretending everything’s fine and we are not bothered. I mean bigger in Spirit, bigger in Light, bigger in heart, bigger in accepting people for who they are while remembering WHAT they are. As my old teacher used to say, “There are many Who’s in Whoville but only One WHAT.”

Let’s look past the personality of those who annoy and anger us, and love them as we do those who see the best in us, remembering that they too are Spirits, Sparks of God, Angels incarnate – just like you. Doing these things can completely heal relationships, and you!

So, when you’re counting your blessings this Holiday season, add your greatest teachers: your family. Then cut out early and go do something fun! Ha-ha!

Wishing you a cozy, harmonious and fun! Holiday.