When Everyone Seems To Be Going Ca-razy…

crazy bird

Do you sometimes feel that everyone around you is going cray-cray?

I’ve been seeing and feeling this a lot recently, and it seemed to peak last Saturday on the Full Moon, as per usual. Throughout interactions with people things run through my mind like “What in heck are they thinking to say or do that?”

Listen, I’m used to being thought of as a bit “out there”. Okay, more than a bit. I’m used to being told I’m eccentric, which is a polite word for weird, and I own it. It truly doesn’t even phase me or my Invisible Friends anymore lol! “I yam what I yam” as Popeye would say. But the kind of crazy I’m encountering lately is different from that.

It’s the people in the supermarket walking around with mouth agape in a daze. It’s the woman I met who claimed to be a therapist/life coach and was so obviously mentally disconnected that things she said didn’t even make sense. It’s the people who drink or drug themselves to dull their pain, fragmenting their Spirit and compromising their energy field in the process. These people are so out-of-body (and usually have dark attachments) that it’s like interacting with an automatron. I have much compassion and pray for them, but still it’s very disturbing. Calgon take me away!!!

So, what can you do when you feel like you’re in a zombie apocalypse?

First, and most importantly, put up your shield! Then…

Become the detached observer. The Witness. See events and people from your Higher Self point of view, which knows that all souls are infinite sparks of God, egos and bodies are temporary and are not Who or What a person truly is. Trust God/Universe/The Divine that all is as it should be.

Here is a key from my book Angels & Masters Speak:

Be as if in the eye of the storm of your life – a quiet

focused center around whom all else plays out.

The world is the ego’s stage of drama and fear.

Be the detached observer of the world and your life – as

if you were an audience member along for the ride of the story.

The story can end in any way and it does not effect you.

You quite literally get up and walk out at the end!

What do you do keep your healthy perspective and your noggin on straight when everything seems to go wonky? Share it here – we’d love to know!