Collapse Time Between Now & Goals Achieved

I do not own the copyright to this image. If you do, please let me know so I can credit you.
I do not own the copyright to this image. If you do, please let me know so I can credit you.


Hello Radiant Being!

When I think back to many years ago when I first set foot on this Spiritual path, I have to laugh at myself! I was so young, so naïve, thinking that now that I had Angels helping me, and a newly opened heart that my life was going to be effortless and everything would magically fall into place. Ha!

As you know, the deeper we go into our Selves, the more we let go of, the more we expand, accept, and transcend, the more we are challenged (usually by ‘outer’ circumstances we humans call problems) to go deeper, let go, expand, accept, and transcend. I call these Initiations, because once we get to the other side of it our lives are always up-leveled, our connection to our Higher Self becomes stronger. Then the magic returns and things do become effortless again.

I spent years resisting this process, even while working with my Guides, (and not always listening to their suggestions – I’m a stubborn Aries through and through lol!) and doing it on my own, until I learned how to release the resistance and with that came the tools and techniques to make it all so much easier to collapse time between now and goals achieved, to blast through blocks and leave baggage in the dust, quickly and easily!

I did it the hard way. But you don’t have to spend years trying to figure it all out by yourself…

I have created new options for sessions to support you through these Initiations and up-levelings, and to achieve your goals in your inner and outer world, fast.

When I announced these up-coming changes last month, and wrote you that I would not be offering one-off sessions any longer, I heard from so many of you that I changed my mind : ) I am still offering single one hour sessions. However, as you know, for deeper healing work and manifesting rapid changes several sessions are needed to see complete, long-lasting results.

Take a look at the new session options here.

We are being called – very loudly and clearly – to speak what’s in our hearts, to do what we came here to do, and claim the life we know is meant for us. Can you hear the call? Can you feel it inside you wanting to be expressed? Are you longing to live your visions? I can help you get there. Say “YES” to the call of your Soul!

Have a wonderful early Summer weekend, full of sunshine and the scent of fresh blooming flowers...