Deeper than Law Of Attraction: 7 “Things” That Keep You Stuck & How To Fix Them

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Our dreams, visions, and hearts desires are all clues from our Higher Selves guiding us to the life we are meant to be living. So, if you’ve been working your manifesting tools and it seems nothing you do gets you what you want, there may be deeper reasons behind it than technique. Here are seven I’ve come across in my own life and with clients:

Your Soul Plan

Your Soul may have things it wants to learn or experience right now that doesn’t include what your ego mind wants, or what you’re seeing for your future – yet. This can keep you stuck, repeating the same experience until you get it.

Are you paying attention to what is going on in your life right now? Or, are you wanting to escape it by creating a fantasy life where everything would be ‘wonderful’? If you’re pining for the future that can scatter your energy too. You’re not consolidated in the here and now.

When you’re fully present to your life experience right now, and look at the opportunities to learn whatever the lesson is that’s being presented, (and there’s always a lesson) you move forward much, much quicker onto something new. Maybe right into the arms of that ‘wonderful life’.

Soul Contracts

You may have a contract from this lifetime or another that you may need to fulfill before what you want can show up. So, not matter what approach you try to obtain your heart’s desire it’s always beyond your reach. Or, it could be that what you want will interfere in its completion, so you must fulfill the contract first, then it will flow right to you.

Here’s a good example of this: I have a friend who has always wanted to be an artist, but always talked herself out of getting her art into the world because it would be “like a drop in the ocean – who’d notice or care?” She convinced herself of this to the point that she stopped practicing her art! She was also broke and hadn’t had a love relationship in a long, long time, and she wanted to change that.

In session I saw that she had a soul contract to complete three particular art pieces (which would take her a couple of years) and get them into the world in what ever way she could. The money and the man would not come until she did this. Through these pieces she would express something in her that she had been repressing, which would be healing, and raise her vibration. Then, that expression would help somebody else who identified with it and they would make a purchase. And it was how her man could find her – through the publicity for this art, which would resonate with him too. Turns out, she already had notes and sketches for three new projects she had made excuses to herself for not doing!

So you see, we don’t all have a contract to change the world in a way that’s beyond our means and scope. Usually it’s as easy as expressing your gifts, your talents, the thing you always had a fire in your belly for that you talk yourself out of. Yes, that one!

Subconscious Blocks

It’s been said that our subconscious mind creates our physical reality, that it essentially runs the show. Affirmations are wonderful for reprogramming beliefs, if you can remember to do them. Visualizing is also an excellent way to reprogram as our subconscious language is pictures. But, sometimes this doesn’t work no matter how often you do it. Why? You may have beliefs unknown to your conscious mind that negate your techniques. These beliefs can create huge blocks in your manifesting, and must be identified and removed to free you to make your techniques fruitful.

It may be something someone else told you that you have taken as truth, it may be a past experience coloring present ones, or fear programming from watching or listening to the news about the world economy.

The best way to clear this is inner child work. Dig deep. Listen to your body – it gives huge clues to what’s going on in the subconscious mind by creating illness, pain, or food issues. If you’re always all up in your head then it’s time to land firmly on the ground and be present to what beliefs are driving the bus that is your life.


It may be your karma not to have a particular thing or circumstance that you want right now. Maybe you have some karmic debts to pay first. For example, if you’re wanting to manifest a sum of money but you’re pirating music and videos online, you’re stealing from the artist. Or, you’ve left a trail of debt over the years, not taking responsibility for your bills. So, what do you think is going to happen to your money? Something will always come up to take every penny you do have- car repairs or other emergency bills will always come up, so you never get ahead.

The best way to clear this is attrition. Start by giving whatever you can to debtors, even if it’s a few bucks a month. Make a commitment to yourself to clean up your debt, make donations where you can, and look at whether you’re ‘stealing’ from others. Even if it seems harmless it sends a vibration out of “I can’t pay for this”. Look closely at your thinking about money too. It’s a mind game at first to feel wealthy when you’re so broke you can’t pay attention. But with practice it works.

Give, give, give! Not just money, but also attention, love, assistance, advice, support. We all know gratitude is the fastest way to receive more, and the second fastest way is to give.

It could be a karmic life circumstance you’re dealing with, like being stuck in an unhealthy relationship. If this is the case, see ‘Soul Plan’ above and start there.

You can change your karma. It takes some self-awareness and looking deep to see exactly what it is, and usually forgiveness is called for, for yourself or others. Nothing is set in stone. We have more power than we think to change our lives. Usually it’s easier than we expect. Begin by paying attention to what vibe of energy you’re giving out everyday in thoughts, words, and actions. Then, make it a bit better.


This is probably the easiest thing to check if things aren’t flowing. A blocked or weak chakra can effect many things in life from your physical health, money, and even one’s thought process. Are your chakras wide open, clear, and all turning at the same speed? If not, time for a tune up! Here is a free and fantastic chakra meditation I use:

A Curse

Is there a family pattern that you’re playing out in your life? Or, just plain ‘bad luck’ that runs in the family? It could be a curse. A curse can be created intentionally with black magic, or even by someone focusing on you with negative thoughts, like a brooding, angry ex lover, friend, or business associate. Their powerful emotions like jealousy or rage toward you stick in your energy field like a knife or darts and can wreak all kinds of havoc on your health, wealth, and relationships.

Think back to when this block appeared. When did the ‘bad luck’ or illness start? What was going on in your life at the time and for a couple of months before? Were you fighting with someone? Or, was there a less than amicable parting of ways or falling out with someone?

Fortunately, curses can be identified and broken. If you feel there may be a curse on you and you need help, I have experience clearing curses successfully.

Once cleared, you can protect yourself from negative projections of energy attaching again. Click here for my article on Tips for Clearing & Protecting Your Energy.

Are You Following Your Guidance?

Lastly, the reason that’s probably easiest to remedy. Are you acting on your inner nudges to do that thing that’s always in the corner of your mind? Are you making excuses to yourself why you can’t do it ‘now’? Is there some resistance to expressing that fire in your belly? Are you repressing your self-expression with smoke, drink, food, or vegetating in front of the TV or online? Put that distraction away and get in touch with your Self!

I had a client who wanted a partner very badly. During her sessions she would ask about a man and how to meet one – THE one. I could see this guy very clearly and very close to her, so she wouldn’t have much to do to meet him. Her Guide recommended she volunteer with elderly people, and she had the idea to volunteer helping with horses in some way. The Guide said yes, go for it, do both. Easy enough, right? Well, after a year of sessions in which the answer to the same question never changed, she still had not taken action and guess what? No partner.

This is an example of an easy action to take, (they’re not all as easy) although it appears unrelated. Perhaps volunteering an hour a week would give her a new sense of self-worth and inner value, which could be the missing piece she needed to be in a healthy relationship. Perhaps helping others less fortunate would show her all she has to be grateful for, thus raising her vibe to show up on his radar. Perhaps it was some karma that she had to work off before her guy could show up. Maybe he works at the place she was to volunteer at, or was the son of one of the elders, and this would put her directly on his path.

The point is, when your heart or inner Guidance prompts you repeatedly to do something, DO IT! Even if it seems totally unrelated to what you’re asking for.

Resistance is a good sign that you’re on track. It’s the ego’s way of making sure you stay stuck and miserable so it stays in control. Tell it to take a nap while you follow your heart and release that built up, repressed energy so you can make your dreams come true!

Do any of these resonate with you? If you need help getting clear and pinpointing exactly what the issue is that’s blocking you from manifesting your dreams, call me for a Personal Session, and we’ll get to the heart of it, and clear it so you can move forward into the life you came here to live!

With champagne wishes and caviar dreams (hee-hee!)

and of course love,



2 responses to “Deeper than Law Of Attraction: 7 “Things” That Keep You Stuck & How To Fix Them”

  1. Abil, Thank you for your question – it’s a good one!

    I’m not an expert on LOA, and have not followed Esther and Jerry Hicks’ work, I’ve only seen a few videos, so I’ll answer the best I can. I’m sorry to hear he passed.

    My Guides tell me that no one has a soul contract to die of cancer or any other illness. They say that positive thinking is so very important to our well-being, however, we cannot ‘out think’ toxins in our environment, air, water, and food. The organism (body) does follow the mind, but by consuming poisons (in food for example) we make the body’s job that much more difficult to stay healthy.

    If we are truly thinking positive, we are listening to and caring for the body in way it can serve us in what we came here to do.

    In addition, if we have emotions that are buried within, and not expressed (healed) they too can cause illness to manifest, as it is blocked energy within the body.

    I hope this answers your question, if not let me know : )


  2. I stumbled upon your website and would like to ask if for example part of your soul contract is to die with cancer. So even if you practice law of attraction thinking happy healthy thoughts every minute of every day, you will still die with cancer? Just like what happened to Jerry Hicks, husband of Esther Hicks who spoke and wrote books about law of attraction?