My Guides Told Me, But I Didn’t Listen….

Can you hear your Guides?
Do you listen to your Guides?


Happy Spring Radiant Being!

   I want to share with you my personal experience of what happened when I didn’t listen to my Guides advice (and wasted six years)…and then when I finally did.

   A couple of months ago, I wrote to you about my on-going exhaustion, brain fog, and other symptoms, and wondered why my Guides never told me what exactly what the issue was. I was a angry, and felt I couldn’t completely trust them. It was a crisis of faith for me. How could they be so spot-on about everything else and keep mum about this? I wrote to you that I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and got a “mojo” machine to help me breathe while I sleep, and how much better I was feeling as my energy came back. Happy ending right? Not quite.

   The sleep apnea machine did help partially, but not enough to make me feel completely well again. I was desperate for a way to heal, and feel like my previous high-energy productive self again. So, I went back through my journals of communication with my Guides for the past few years. Every time I asked them what was wrong with me, what caused the consistent fatigue, and how do I heal it, they DID tell me. I guess I just didn’t want to hear it. It seemed too simple. Too easy. But they were right.

   Their answer to me was that it was in my blood. The instructions I received to heal it was: “Eat raw food. Walk in the park every day to get sunshine, fresh air, and connect with the Earth. Breathe deeply. Do Yoga.” How could these simple things heal a years-long “illness”?

   Soon after reading this page after page, I was Divinely Guided to a Tony Robbins (I love him) video about alkaline and acidic pH in the blood! (Yes, I had read about this before but paid no attention. I even went raw for a week but wasn’t fully committed. Instead I shelled out hundreds of dollars for herbal remedies and doctor visits which never helped.) I looked at the blood work reports I had done in the past and voila! my pH was well into the acidic range, which means it was full of toxins from processed food, the environment, and who knows what else. Yikes!

   I bet you can guess what I did next : )… I followed my Guides advice! I’m on day 24, and one day last week I noticed a big shift beginning. My energy is higher, my brain is clearer. I’m starting to really feel like my old self again! Of course, I apologized to my Guides for my anger, mistrust, and turning a deaf ear on them. They just shrugged it off as no biggie. It’s my time to waste, I suppose.

   Once I got my head out of…well,…uh, the sand, the Gold Nugget take-away I received from this lesson is; Don’t make things more complicated than they really are! And the obvious; Listen to Guidance!

    If you’re curious about your blood pH and health, the links are below…

    I’d love to know your experience of following -or not- the advice from your Guides, and how it turned out. Share in the comments below!

   Blooms are coming soon…In-joy this first week of Spring you Beautiful Light you!

 Love, love, love,


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P.P.S. The Tony Robbins video

Charts of alkaline and acidic foods

There’s a lot more info online for blood pH and how eating raw has healed almost all illnesses, just ask Google : )

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2 responses to “My Guides Told Me, But I Didn’t Listen….”

  1. Hi Kat!
    Thank you for sharing your story – that’s so frightening. I’m glad that was the very last time you doubted yourself. A situation like that would do it!

    I’ve been thick as two planks myself many times, having to learn and re-learn (and re-learn) the hard way, even when things were right in front of me. Fun huh? That we eventually do ‘get it’ is the important thing. Once we silly humans get our head out of the way, life’s so much easier and Lighter!

    Sending you Love, Kat! xo

  2. katherine macias Avatar
    katherine macias

    HELLOooooooo SUSAN!!! oh I have a GOOD EXAMPLE, okay I say “good” cause it’s a “good” example but IT’S NOT GOOD! lol
    sooo I was moving from one physical location to another and I was looking to move in with a roommate for the beginning part of my relocation. I had met someone looking for a roommate to share the apartment with and IT WAS EXACTLY in the location I wanted to be at. Now I only knew a minimal about the whole area I was looking at but this particular address was perfect from what I could tell…..after communication back and forth between us, when I finally saw his picture, I CLEARLY AND LOUDLY HEARD, —“NNNOOO!!! HE IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU” and I felt this HARD and very STRONG punch to my gut. There was absolutely no denying it.
    BUT I KNEW BETTER. I mean, this location was great! The rent was perfect! I was finally “getting there.”
    (now what I don’t mention is someone else WAS helping me elsewhere to get into another place that he thought would have been the perfect set-up for me cause of HIM being from there and knowing the towns and who-i-was…but I ON THE OTHER HAND, just KNEW this would be the best choice.)
    but it wasn’t……….. ahhh y’all saw this coming huh?
    3 months later, my roommate went out drinking…………and after a bit of “discussions” between us over the 3 months of me living there with him. He came home to bang and kick on my bedroom and threaten my life.
    I don’t know which I was doing more of….. praying and giving Thanks for Jesus, Archangel Michael, and every other angel available for protecting me in that very scary dark moment or for the amount of times I kept apologizing in between the prayers for NOT LISTENING.♥
    That night as he sat in jail overnight, I took the opportunity to get out of that apartment and move my stuff out during the wee hours of the night and into the morning….. It may have started out as a “hard lesson” to learn, considering I am the one who made it hard! lol…but after that …lol, (should there ever be a –BUT AFTER THAT?? LOL) I did say….. I WILL SO LISTEN FROM NOW ON. lol
    and I definitely do try to always do that, there are some moments when I may find myself questioning or “wondering”— I am “just” wondering… but the turn-around is like pretty instant these days! lol, I think I definitely “got it”
    hard way seem to be the clincher!~~~ kat♥ (yes THAT kat, lol) ;] ox