What To Do When They Don’t “Have Ears To Hear”

He's all ears. copyright catsmob.com
He’s all ears.
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These are challenging times indeed, and sometimes it seems as though life is falling apart for those around us, and money, health, happiness, and inner peace cannot be found. As we witness our loved ones and clients facing challenging times, tests, and initiations it seems our love, presence, or words cannot always comfort them.

It’s not easy to witness someone we care for caught in the maze of their ego’s making. When every option you offer, every breadcrumb you leave on the trail to the Light is rebutted and rejected with all of the “reasons” it wouldn’t work, and recite additional miseries on top of that. The ego is a clever devil, and doesn’t easily let go.

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”
John Milton, Paradise Lost

So what can you do when all of your advice and words of comfort– even when it comes through you from Higher Knowing – falls on deaf ears? Two things. First, recognize and respect that this person is on his/her own path of learning, and we can not always help them to see the way out, and they may not even want to know the way out, yet. At times, we all need to reach a point of maximum suffering (even caused by our own thoughts) before we say Enough!

Second, pray for them. Bypass the ego completely and see them in the Light, happy, prosperous, healthy, peaceful, and on purpose. This means that you don’t solidify their self-made reality of misery by worrying about them, or co-miserate with them about how terrible things are. See them (in your mind’s eye as you pray, think of them, and speak to them) as they TRULY are: a Being of Light, experiencing this world through a body. Untouched by the world. Radiant. Brilliant. At peace. Scientists have proven that particles change according to the observer. Are we not particles? As we observe each other this way it makes it so. It brings that reality to this reality.

So when you have the intention of helping someone and they do not have “the ears to hear, or the eyes to see”, know that it’s just the ego causing temporary deafness and blindness. However, God, the Universe, the Angels, gods, and Masters always hear your prayers. I have found that earnest prayer with full Faith is the most powerful thing you can do for someone. And so it is. Amen.

Namaste, beautiful Being!