How To See & Hear Your Guides CRYSTAL CLEAR

Hello Radiant Being!

If you’re unsure how to see or hear your Guides, or distinguish their voice from the other voice in your head : ) here’s a quick way to begin seeing and communicating with your Guides in a CRYSTAL CLEAR unmistakable way. Use the power of your imagination to make it real until it flows – that will take you past your ego’s self-proclaimed limitations of what’s real or possible.

Do your shielding first! Here’s one way to protect yourself from negative beings showing up:

In meditation, close your eyes and create a warm, quiet, empty, and dimly lit room in your mind. Now see yourself sitting in that room, calling your Guide or Guardian Angel. They walk in, sit across from you, and you can converse and ask away. If you shake hands with your Guide the connection will be stronger. You may have to practice this a few times, but have a journal and pen handy as I guarantee you’ll be given useful info.

This is how I began many years ago to see my Guides, Teachers, and loved ones who’ve passed. Let me know in the comments below how well this works for you! Or, share how you see and hear your Guides : )