Remove Blocks & Balance Hormones At Once With This ‘Method’

    Every place in your body that has an endocrine gland also locates a chakra.

    Glands and chakras work together to keep the body in balance. Your glandular system is what brings light-energy into the physical body and metabolizes, or digests it.

    Blocks in any one of the chakras will always (eventually) manifest as pain or illness, fear, and/or a stopping point, or block, in an area of your life no matter what you do to move forward.

    For example, a block in your second chakra (located just below the navel) can manifest physically as women’s health issues including PMS, adrenal imbalance, and that bloated belly look in men and women. In your life it can make itself known as fear around intimacy and sexuality, sexual dysfunction, holding on to past relationships (as a victim or missing an ex), and no creative drive. The good news is that you don’t have to spend time analyzing the blocks to dissolve them…

    Whether you have imbalanced hormones or a block in your life, I want to share with you a ‘method’ I’ve been using with great results. Guided meditation for the chakras works too, but not nearly as well as getting the physical body involved which gets the energy fully circulating.

    The ‘method’ is the Five Ancient Tibetan Rites contained in the book The Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth by Peter Kelder.

    This book says nothing about hormones but the connection is obvious. It does say that doing these 5 Ancient Tibetan Rites “will get all the chakras spinning at the same speed”. The speed increases as you build up the repetitions, which naturally dissolves blocks, allows you to absorb more life-force energy, and balances the flow of hormones throughout your body. That’s where “the Fountain of Youth” comes in: Abundant life-force + healthy hormones = feeling and looking your best.

     There is even a 6th Rite for those who are abstaining from sex which gives you an extra energy, youthful boost. Remember how your skin glowed when you were a teenager with “Spring Fever”? ; )

    I bought this book to help me recover from adrenal exhaustion, and I’ve noticed a positive change in my energy level, productivity, and inspired ideas when I’m consistent with the Rites. Conversely, I experience a noticeable drop when I slack off. I was quite weak when I began (well over a year ago) and these yoga-like moves can be modified to suit your fitness level. You start off with doing each one once and build up the repetitions by week. They are quite powerful and doing too much too soon isn’t recommended either. This isn’t a one-time fix, but something you’d incorporate long-term to achieve and remain clear, healthy, and energetic.

    Here’s an affiliate link to the book on amazon. l receive a small percentage of the sale if you purchase it using this link. Thank you! Or, you can do a search by title, or purchase it elsewhere. Either way, I highly recommend this book:

Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

     Please share in the comments below your experience with the 5 Rites, or other ways of healing hormones and clearing blocks. I love hearing from you : )

Cheers to reclaiming youth!