A Jedi Technique For Dealing With Negative Talkers

Have you ever been ‘slimed’ by someone verbally unloading all their negativity on you? Or ‘taken on’ the emotion after a loved one confides something upsetting? If you’re a highly sensitive person like me then you’ve experienced your vibration or mood lowered after hearing negative things. Here’s a tip to avoid that and keep your vibe high.

You could do a whole-body, whole energy field shielding (which I highly recommend) but if you’ve forgotten or are taken by surprise there’s a much quicker way to not absorb it, or take it on.

Using the power of your imagination, create and open a face-size, one-way portal or door about 3-6 inches away from the neg (negativity) speakers mouth. Using your intent, this portal sucks all the neg energy and their words right into it, and sends it back to unmanifest pre-creation. Remember to close the portal when your conversation is done.

This protects you, but also the speaker, as he/she won’t likely be manifesting from those neg words. Unless, of course they keep thinking them and repeating them, but that’s not your bag, Baby!

I’ve used this successfully countless times. Let me know in the comments below how well this works for you : )

May The Loving Force Be With You,


P.S. Here’s a link to a technique for the whole-body/energy field shielding.