How to Stop the Negative Thought Loop



In our current culture of electronics, which keep us in our mind as well as transmitting EMF’s to our personal energy field, we can become imbalanced quickly. Thoughts are electric, added to the electricity surging around us in our homes and offices, carrying phones and electronics on the body, and using computers, you can see how we can get overloaded quickly.


Here are some things you can do when your mind races with negative thoughts of past, present, and future negative outcomes, or self-defeating thoughts, to do lists, etc. to help you get “out of your mind”.


Focus on the breath. Turning your attention to the sensation and sound of life force moving in and out of your lungs refocuses and quiets the mind. Take it a step further and imagine the breath moving in and out through your heart chakra, front and back, opening and expanding it with every breath. This is a great way to begin meditation, fall asleep at night, and diffuse anxiety, too.


Say a prayer, affirmation, mantra, a poem, or happy song lyrics. This is the quickest way to snap out of the negative thought loop by redirecting your mind to positive thoughts and your feelings will follow. Saying it out loud, which engages the body, is most effective. If you’re around other people, saying it inwardly works too. Say them until you feel your energy shifting, or a short one every time you catch the loop starting again. Some short ones I like are:


“Thank you, God, thank you, thank you.”

“I choose the atonement now.”

“I release all negative thoughts from me now.”


Then, think of something you are grateful for until you feel it, and put on some upbeat music that makes you feel good, or recite the lyrics to a favorite song or poem.


Getting the body involved gets you out of your head. Getting some fresh air, sun on your face, and your feet on the Earth is very important for your well being. Move your body by going for a walk, stretching, swaying to some music, or a workout. Any type of movement will help you focus on how your body feels and clear your mind. Sometimes we can over eat heavy foods because we want to be in the body, but avoid this by moving instead.


Grounding When I look at the energy field of a client who is “all up in their head”, it looks and feels like static electricity, it is constricted around their body, the energy has no where to go and so it builds up, they are not properly connected to the Earth, and usually not fully in their body.


Daily Energy Grounding Tool: Doing your daily energy work is important too. Open up the chakras in the soles of your feet to let all mental energy and spent energy flow out like water. Then, create and send a grounding tube – as wide as your hips – from your second and root chakras deep into the heart of the Earth, and anchor it there. Draw up Earth energy through the tube into your body. Create another tube from your heart and send it up and out through the top of your head deep into the Galactic Sun, which shines like a blue gas color flame. Anchor your tube there and draw into you some of that blue energy. See, sense or feel it mixing with the Earth energy in your body, clearing and cleansing everything you don’t need, pushing it right out the soles of your feet like water.

Then, breathe this energy out through the heart chakra into your aura, allowing it to dissolve blocks, negative thoughts, repair and strengthen your energy field.


With practice this takes about 30 seconds to do, and as you do it throughout the day it becomes just checking your grounding tubes and making sure the energy is flowing properly.


Write what’s on your mind. If you’re having painful memories come up that have emotions connected, keeping a notebook or journal is a great way to get the thoughts and feelings out for good. Writing down events that happened in the past that may have been hurtful to you is a wonderful way to gain insight or a new perspective on it, and just “spend” that mental energy so it’s out and done. When old “stuff” comes up, it’s because it wants to leave and needs to be expressed. Denying the memories or stuffing them down with substances won’t make them go away. Writing it out without regard to punctuation or clarity expresses that energy and is very healing. If you like you can burn the paper after with a prayer for transmutation and release from the events. I have had great success with this myself, and highly recommend it.


If you have a practice that helps you get out of the negative thought loop, please share it in the comment box below!