Can You Imagine Yourself As Pure Energy?



As I was looking over the packed itinerary for my upcoming class Secrets of the Shamaness, a Guide showed up and gave me a message for those who plan to attend. Of course, the Guides always make everything clear and simple. So here it is…


Can you imagine being able to see yourself and your life as pure energy? To identify and wave away any and all blocks to achieving your True and fullest potential? And knowing what that potential is? Can you imagine these things?


God is the force that makes your heart beat, circulates your blood, that causes your lungs to breathe and it is the breath – the inspiration. It is the consciousness that causes cells to grow and wounds to heal. All without effort on your part. It always wants to expand and grow through the physical and metaphysical, to fulfill all potentials. Can you imagine what you can accomplish when you work in unison with this force? When you get your mind out of the way and allow it to heal you and express itself through you, because it is you?


The mind is the only “thing” in the way of this. Master the mind and you Master your life. You become self-actualized. Then you have the ability to help others in a most profound way.


You are a part of God (or Universe – what ever you call it) and you are pure energy. We will show you this over and over until you “realize” it to the fullest. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. For that’s what life is: a ride on the wave of creation as it expresses and flows throughout “time” and “space”. When you have the tools to view your life this way you become an unstoppable force with momentum of the Angels by your side, Guiding you to your highest and best expression and outcome, blessing those around you with your grace and light. What else could one ask from life itself than to show itself to you in every moment? To work with the flow to bring about your full potential? Do you not witness this in flowers and trees and the ocean and the creatures of Earth? You are no different. You are loved just the same and we wish for you to live from this knowing. We will help you, support you, and guide you until this is so.”


© Susan Sloane 2013