Emotional Techniques

A great piece by Stuart Wilde with some helpful insight. ~ Susan

The pain of the world is so extraordinary right now many people are not in their right mind. You have to detach and hold steady or you’ll be sucked in.

Consider these things as a reminder:

(1) Emotional pain is all based on the ego’s opinion. It decides things should be one way and karma comes along to contradict that. It is not a pleasant thing to suffer an ego-hit but it happens to all of us. So say to yourself when things go against you “This is natural. This is my karma. I must accept it.”  Then move on with dignity and valor.

(2) Visualize the adverse situation and breathe love into it and the people involved. Love can’t really cure the pain. Instead it makes you bigger so you get over it.

(3) Be very careful you don’t get obsessed. I knew a very sweet Indian businessman that was my dear friend. His drink was spiked at a nightclub with LSD. The trip ended a few hours later but he never recovered as he saw it an affront to his integrity and he fell apart and went bankrupt. Silly.

(4) When people hurt you visualize them or look at their picture and offer them your dignity breathe on them saying “I offer you my love, I offer you my piety, I offer you my respect, I offer you my benevolence, I offer you my compassion, I offer you my bravery, I offer you healing and resolution.

(5) All the celestial beings and Golden Radiant Beings we see in the Aluna were humans at one stage, maybe not on earth, but in other places eons ago but they incarnated as a human none-the-less somewhere, some place, and they all went through great pain like us and they tolerated it to become the Sacred Beings we know today.

Your godliness is linked to the ability to suffer pain because the celestial within you is bound to be attacked by the evil that surrounds you. Accept it.

(6) Learn to suffer in silence never mention it or hardly ever mention it. Whinging and moaning brings in the ghouls. They hear your cry of desperation and they are attracted to that. They attack you trying to take you away. This is very strange but it is true. I am sure you saw how when you became obsessed with something or someone, how things got worse. It’s them, the ghouls pushing.

(7) Some emotional pain is sexual or romantic pining. Learn to be warrior and be celibate and wait till one person with decency and honor comes along. Most of the people you fancy are not worth having and they may hurt you in the end. Wait.

(8) Family: much pain arises from within the family unit. Give up on your desires for them or your need to control them. You’ll die from it if you don’t. And remember Einstein said “It’s all relative!” The further you get away from your relatives the better you will feel. Tee-hee.

(9) Rip Offs: Werner Erhard of the EST seminar trainings said “Life is a rip off then you die” He was right. So get over it and focus on all the things that are beautiful and not a rip off.

(10) Lavender is a protector, the ghouls hate it. When you feel emotional go to silence and put lavender in your bath water. When you get out put a few lavender drops in a towel and rub yourself down with it. As your skin radiates the flower essence the ghouls back off. You become more free.

Be Brave and remember love is your only defence and if you will adopt the adage “No fear, no Anger” nothing much can touch you. Bye for now Stuart Wilde.

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  1. Iinsightful….and very helpful after the day I had today 🙂