World Events, LOA, & Loneliness


As we speed into the 12/12/12 Shift of the Ages we are seeing things more clearly than ever before. It is clear what’s wrong with the world and wonder “How did it ever get this far?” Our air, water, and food is poisoned and we wonder what the cause of our sickness is. “Medicine” causes more harm than good with some listing side effects like stroke, heart failure, and even death! Add to that increasing poverty, war, skinny jeans, and the lack of integrity in government and the fact that the darkness has been in control cannot be denied. OK, maybe skinny jeans aren’t completely evil, but you get my point.

There is a bright side…

Even as we are dealing with this mess, more and more people are changing their lifestyle to a balanced, harmonious way of living. Solar power and wind turbines are sprouting up everywhere, as people grow their own food, eat raw, and alternative medicine is becoming more mainstream. It is a conscious choice people are making: to create their own little piece of the world in a way that feeds their soul. To be the change. It’s important now more than ever to make that choice. Participation and purchases send a message one way or the other.

Are you in ‘the vortex’?

All of the law of attraction tools we’ve been learning for years can be put to good use right now. Now is the time to commit to doing it, and not slack off. Envision your perfect world, envision peace, and brotherhood, and sisterhood. It is time for the wealth to shift to those that love this Earth and humanity. The subconscious mind creates our reality, and we tell it what to create with mental images combined with emotions. (If you need a brush-up on manifesting techniques I highly recommend you read the Masters – The Science of Getting Rich, and Think and Grow Rich – both search-able free downloads online.)

Stay informed, but wean yourself of fear-inducing and consumerism “programming” (funny word for a show, is it not?) Wean yourself of processed food that contains illness-causing chemicals. Don’t zone out with mind-numbing, meaningless activities like TV. Take good care of your body as it is your life partner. Use nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic remedies when ever possible. Do things you love and make you feel good, happy, alive, and present – this will keep your vibe up. Connect with people – seek them out. Stay present and face the fear and pain – it will dissipate, usually just by being present to it. Do your inner clearing work: meditate, dump the past once and for all, call in the Light constantly. Need some help? Click here for some clearing techniques, or call me for a personal session.


Many people have been feeling lonely, including me. I have a two-part theory about why we’ve been feeling that way for so long. One is that we must rely on our god-self, our inner Source to discover our true strength, and guidance. In this way we’re not looking for another person to fill a void, or make us whole, which can never happen. That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone! When we know we are whole and complete within ourselves we can choose a relationship of balanced give and take – we don’t get the life sucked out of us, and we don’t parasitize others.

The second part of my theory is that those of us who call the Light to us on a regular basis are making a grid, like acupuncture needles around the Earth to raise the overall vibe. We have to hold that Light in the darkness and allow it to expand outwards to others little by little. It’s been quite a process, very painful at times, as we take it all personally, but it never was – it’s the ego being cleared. How could we even begin to explain what we were going through to someone else? Or maintain a consistent relationship when it feels as though you’re going crazy one day and going sane the next? But, my feeling, my inner knowing tells me relief is coming very, very soon. Ask for relief, ask for more and more Light to come into you and the Earth. Your prayers are so much more powerful than you think.

It is time to Speak Your Truth!

You’ll be surprised when you do this as other people feel as you do, more than you know. I’ve found this to be true over and over again. It’s just that most people don’t want to be first out of fear of being judged. You will connect in amazing ways with people when you do this. We need to listen to and support each other on this journey, so reach out, and go where you’re guided.

I’m going to close with Hippie Anthem number two (one is Imagine, of course), by John Lennon, so you can do a little jig of joy that we made it this far. It hasn’t been too bad, has it? We’re still standing, after all…

I wish you smooth sailing through the rest of this Shift! (however long it takes)

With Love,


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