Tips for Clearing & Protecting Your Energy

The Green Man makes a 20′ appearance in my back yard, offering his protection to those who love and care for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Photo copyright 2012 Susan Sloane

I’m often asked about how to clear the energy field and protect one’s self from negativity. The absolute best protection you can create yourself through prayer, meditation, and self awareness. When your mind is focused on positive thoughts and feelings, being of service, and keeping an open heart, you become immediately aware when something of a lower vibration is in your space. By working with the Light, calling your Guardian Angels to help you, and not succumbing to fear, you can clear anything. Here are some tools to help you out along the way.

First, what are you clearing?  What do you need protection from?

In daily living of our lives, we ‘pick up’, or absorb ‘stuff’ from other people, buildings, and the environment in general, which leave an imprint in the energy field. This ‘stuff’ can include, but is not limited to:

* Unwanted Thoughts – Thoughts are energy, and can easily transfer from person to person, floating around us all the time.

* Other People’s Stress or Emotion – Ever talk to someone who is upset or stressed out and they ‘dump’ their problems on you, then you feel stressed or have a headache? You absorbed their energy into your field.

* Projections – A bit more potent than thoughts and can remain in the field for a lifetime if not cleared. Projections are thoughts, images, or statements specifically about you. Some examples are: A parent projects limitations onto a child, “You can’t do that.” “You’re going to fall.” Jealous thoughts or feelings about you. Gossip. Even a friend with good intentions, who says, “I hope you don’t….” Someone who feels you have wronged them having revenge fantasies backed by strong emotion. This can create what is known as a ‘curse’, even when the sender is not aware of it. (Of course, there are intentional curses too.)

* If you spend time with a person/people with repetitive negative thoughts, speech, behavior, or feelings, this will effect you in a negative way, as these things attach to your feild.

* A room, building, home, etc., where a person/people with repetitive negative thoughts, speech, behavior, feelings, or had arguments or illness, will have an etheric goo or density. I am sure you have walked into a place that just did not “feel right,” that made you uncomfortable. You sensed the energy was “off.”

* Cords – We use the terminology that we ‘connect with someone’, that they ‘make me feel connected’, or ‘we just couldn’t connect’. These are terms of use that come from your inner knowing of what it truly means; when you ‘connect’ with someone, (or they with you) you create an etheric cord to that person. Sometimes these are unwanted and need to go. For example: cords to ex lovers/spouses, or others no longer a part of your life can cause an energy drain. A positive cord can be between the heart chakras of partners, or the etheric umbilicus of mother and child.

* Entities of all kinds can be present in the personal field with sometimes subtle, or no signs. “I don’t know what I was thinking”? “What’s gotten into him?” “I don’t feel like myself today?” Are all indications there may be an entity in the field. Sometimes the signs are quite obvious; sudden illness, change in behavior for the worse, increase drug/alcohol use, and attacking others verbally or physically. If you suspect this – or know for sure- I recommend seeking help from someone experienced in removing negative beings. I have done many ‘evictions’ with great success.

*Using drugs, alcohol, and some prescription drugs, can all cause you to leave your body, make tears or rips in the energy bodies, allowing other beings in while leaking your life-force out. These also cause soul fragmenting, on top of the damage done to the brain and body organism as a whole.

* The above listed densities, and others, cause your vibration to lower, and can lead to illness and disease, confusion or mental fuzziness, can impulse negative thoughts, habits and behavior. These ‘things’ can directly interfere with your life’s enjoyment, putting a type of barrier up to knowing and expressing your True Self.

* The “issues in your tissues”. Healing and clearing your personal wounds, trauma, and discordant belief systems (or, b.s. as I like to call it) and replacing it with Light, will give unwanted energy less to attach to. Like attracts like.

Your Physical Environment

* Your Body ~ Temple or Trash? What are you putting in your body? Junk food or nurturing fuel? How do your clothing choices make you feel about yourself? Attractive – like a million bucks? Or, do you have negative thoughts about yourself because of your clothing? “I look/feel too fat/thin.” If you are uncomfortable in something get rid of it! You should feel good in what you are wearing, to reflect that you are a Divine Being. And you are! Be aware of any symbology on clothing, and the energy it carries – what does it say about you? Symbols are geometries and carry power, causing effect. What do the skulls symbolize which are seen on so many teenagers’ clothing? Death. However, they are made to think it’s just “cool”. Consider the symbols used in religions alone, and the emotional impact they carry, and you will know what I mean.

The same goes for food, personal care products, and anything else that comes in contact with your body. Raise your awareness and ask yourself, “How does it feel?” If it does not feel good, get rid of it.

*Your Vehicle~ Friend or Foe? Electronics and vehicles have a consciousness too. Are you cursing your car for breaking down – or needing repairs? Or, are you giving it gratitude for taking you where you need to go? Do you resent it for not being a Ferrari, or anything else it is not? (This can be true for any thing in your life. Sending out the signal of resentment will only bring you back more to be resentful for.) Loving thoughts toward your vehicle will works wonders.

*Your Home as Sanctuary ~ How does your Home make you feel? Is it esthetically pleasing? Do you enjoy your time there? Do you feel rejuvenated being home? If not, time to make some changes. Your Home should be a place to raise your vibration, to refresh, and feel safe.

Consider the artwork. Is it positive and uplifting?

Are your music choices all about heartbreak and lost love? Most mainstream music is, so listen carefully. Do you want to have those messages bombarding your subconscious? These lyrics can perpetuate the feelings in you the artists are expressing. Seek out music with a positive message that makes you feel good! Healing music is wonderful for clearing spaces as well as people. I recommend Stuart Wilde and Tom Kenyon.

TV. /Movies ~ Same as music. What words and images are entering your living space and conscious/subconscious through “the box”?

Visitors ~ Do you only allow loving, supportive people into your Home? If not, why?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness because stagnant energy lowers the overall vibe of a space and the people in it. Throw old stuff away, clear the clutter, move things around, open windows. Look into Feng Shui for more in-depth info on this point.

Calm or Chaos? ~ You can set the tone of your home, and command your personal space. By command, I mean being responsible for it, and saying what goes. When we live with others it is a co-creation, but harmony should be top priority.


Commanding your own space with Sovereignty is THE goal. The more you meditate, pray, and do your energy work (grounding, calling in the Light, self healing) the more your awareness grows. At some point you will be instantly aware of anything in your energy field that does not belong to you, and be able to clear it without tools.

Heart-felt, conscious Prayer is the most powerful tool I have used for protection, (especially when feeling overwhelmed) next to commanding your own space with Sovereignty. The words carry the power you give them with your intent and surety.

Smudging with white sage, or incense such as Frankincense & Myrrh. Sandalwood is used for clearing anger. Good scents are great for lifting the vibe and repelling negativity, but don’t rely on it alone.

Sea Salt is great for clearing. Place small bowls of it around your home to absorb negativity, and flush when you feel it is ‘full’. I have used eggs this way as well. If you feel you are being attacked or needing a lot of protection, you can use a sea salt scrub (lightly) in the shower – focusing on the chakras and/or areas of pain. After clearing your home, you can make a sea salt perimeter around it, place some on doorways, windowsills, around beds, etc.

Essential Oils such as lavender can be used to write symbols, prayers, or words on windows, walls, over doors, etc. Rose water works well, too.

Crystals are great for healing work, and can be somewhat useful for protection, but I do not recommend relying only on them.

Avoid alcohol, ‘recreational drugs’, and mood-altering prescription drugs, which make you, feel ungrounded. (I am not a doctor or medical professional, so check with one before stopping any medication. )The substances can cause tears in the aura, cause blowouts and reverse spin in the chakras, soul fragmentation, and throw you out of your body. If you are not in your body, there are countless beings that will jump right in.

*It is important to stay well grounded in the body at all times. One of the benefits is that your self-awareness increases. Send a grounding tube (as wide as your hips) deep into the Heart of the Earth, and anchor it there.

*Bubble of Protection ~ Blow out a white ‘bubble’ from the heart chakra to surround your entire energy field. Use your breath to move the energy, and fortify the ‘bubble’ with Light. I like to use gold or white, but you can use any color you like. Most peoples’ auras look flimsy like plastic wrap, often with rips in them. You can make yours strong, like plexi-glass, keeping discordant energy out while letting in the Light. Play with the energy, have fun with it! You can place the Violet Flame around it, or a mirror, or just about anything that makes you feel safe.

*Mirror Technique ~ You can place a mirror around your energy field, facing outwards, to reflect back to the sender – or atmosphere in general – any unwanted energy which is not your own, including feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc.

*Golden Ball ~ Credited to Amora Quan Yin. The same idea as the Bubble of Protection above, but for your home.

*White/Golden Light Wash ~ You can do this in shower for best visualizing, but you don’t have too. Visualize a rain shower of beautiful, shimmery Light cleansing your entire energy field, dissolving and washing away all that is not “you” or “yours”.

*Angels of the Light ~ I would like to mention again, asking your Guardian Angels to protect you while you sleep and throughout the day creates a safe, peaceful feeling.

If you have any clearing or protection tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comment box below. I love hearing from you!


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  1. It’s great to hear from you Katie! And you’re so very welcome : )

  2. Another EXCELLENT writing, Susan. I thank you for sharing you wisdom to aid me on my journey.