Angels Speak On How To Get Unstuck

I asked what to do when feeling blocked, or as if progress or momentum has slowed or stopped.

It’s time to create from your heart, with love and happiness. Anything done out of fear, or otherwise, just will not be supported. So, if you are feeling a block, or a decrease in momentum, look at your approach. If you do not truly love what you are doing it won’t last, and you will be deflated doing it.


It is time to play. That is not to say you will not have mundane tasks to complete, or responsibilities in your realm, however, be light about them. Lighten up. Be joyful. Be creative. Be playful. Be happy. These are choices. Things need not be a struggle any longer. It’s all in your approach to life. Let go of the old paradigm – it is gone. It only exists in your mind now. Things have already changed but you cannot as yet see the effects. Help quicken it by creating from your heart.


What can you do today that will bring you joy? By doing it you shine more light into the world. That is truly being of service to the world and all in it.


Where are you moving to? What is the progress toward? Happiness? Achievement? We say whatever you are moving toward, let it be with joy and you will get there.


One response to “Angels Speak On How To Get Unstuck”

  1. Very nice Susan, timely and true.