Angels Speak On Freedom

This is an excerpt from my book Angels & Masters Speak: Answers To A Seekers Quest For Knowledge And How To Apply It. Details here.



How do I, or we, stop the people controlled by darkness from following through with their plan to further enslave people? What actual steps can I take to stop them in their tracks?

First, you must understand that they are squeezing down on people to exact every ounce of life-force that can to feed themselves. They are cut off from their own inner source and must feed off others to survive. As people have become freer and freer from systems (in recent years) it scares them, that they are losing control, which they are. So now they keep their food on a very short leash.

This drama playing out has been along time in the planning. Many, if not most of the people controlled are not even aware of it – they think it is their own strength, their own power they are wielding and have no idea they are being used by dark beings.

So, we say to you, pray for their souls to return to their bodies. Pray that they are cleared of and free from the darkness. See this happening, use the power of your will aligned with the light and love of God. Your prayers are powerful, and when you join with others it becomes stronger. This can be done. You can effect the change you wish to see.

(The image I remembered or was shown as the Angel completed his last sentence, was one of the final scenes in The Matrix Revolutions*, when the machines went neutral and stopped attacking.)

We cannot do this for you, as you (collectively) are an equally important part of this Shift, or what has been called the “changing of the guard”. You must reach out to us in prayer and energetically make a connection with us. As you raise your vibration we can reach you, meet you half-way and join forces against the darkness.

It is not just sending them love that will end this “reign of terror”, but cutting of the darkness from entering your world and those in it. You must help those who cannot help themselves because they are enslaved and blinded to how they are being used. If allowed to continue they will destroy themselves but at a great cost: they will destroy others along with them.

Do this today and do not wait for them to be at your doorstep. You must be vigilant and in the knowing that we stand with you and will do all we can. Again we say we cannot do this without you (collectively). Your will and intent are more powerful than you think.

What else do we need to know?

One hundred thousand days (in Angel time) of freedom from darkness await you if you succeed. We know you want an end to the war, an end to suffering, as do we. You must take action and move out of concepts and fear and talk. Today. Now.

Together we can make this happen. Together we can be free again.

Now, what do you choose?

How should I pray for this? Please give me some exact words to say, some exact visions to hold, some exact actions to take in the Spirit world.

And they did. I will lead a Guided prayer and meditation using their instructions on Wednesday, April 11 at 11am, on

Here are some other ways you can join in prayer or meditation for peace and freedom. Please add any others you know of in the comment box below.

Children of The Sun:

James Redfield’s Global Prayer Project:

David Icke‘s  daily “awakening the world” meditation and accompanying article.

The following is the related article from this month’s newsletter:

There are warnings all around us of ways in which our deepest fears are an imminent reality. Things I have read are so horrifying and heartbreaking it can make one question the point of trying to improve one’s life, or even getting out of bed in the morning. My little wants and desires for a better life for my family and I become selfish and petty in comparison.

I have searched the internet for answers and ways we can overcome these threats to our freedom and our very survival. Some recommendations I have found are to buy gold, store six months of food, water and emergency supplies, be prepared to go without electricity, leave the country (and go where?), or even hide in the woods!

In addition to making it obvious that we are far too dependent on the system for our lifestyle, none of these options are solutions. They are reactions when one accepts that the worst will come to pass.

I don’t accept it. I’m not going to fuel the fire by worrying, projecting, going into fear, and being steam-rolled by the collective shadow rearing it’s ugly head. How about you?

These events may be our karma for not taking self responsibility and giving our power away, or we may have been tricked. It doesn’t matter at this point. What we do now is important. What we do now effects tomorrow. What do you want to experience tomorrow?

In last month’s newsletter I wrote about creating Paradise through visualization and jumping time lines, in hopes you would read between the lines as to why I was posting that, and help co-create a peaceful future for us all. Do you not yet realize how powerful your intent and visualizations are?

This month, I am imploring you to use the tools given by the Angelic Guides, who tell us “time is of the essence”, and, “do not wait for them to be at your doorstep”. It is free, it costs nothing. What is the cost if you do nothing? Freedom?

I posed the question to my Guides:

How do I, or we, stop the people controlled by darkness from following through with their plan to further enslave people? What actual steps can I take to stop them in their tracks?

This is their response: Angels Speak on Freedom

The Guides have given me exact words to speak for a prayer and guided meditation, to effect real change to this world. Please join me in this. We are more powerful than we have been made to believe. Don’t wait for others to solve this for you, or save you. That is how this mess was created. We must step up now, moving beyond fear, and go to the source of the problem to be free of it. I know that together we can do this. Somewhere inside you, you know this too.

In Love & Service,

Susan Sloane

*The Matrix Revolutions is the third in a trilogy of sci-fi movies, in which the main character wakes up to reality, overcomes the ego, and neutralizes dark forces which have enslaved humanity. It is obvious these movies were ‘downloaded’ by the Wachowski’s, and I highly recommend them. They contain a map of the awakening process and clues to the answers we seek.


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  1. Thank-you Susan for filling us in again on what we can be doing. I hope to hear you on 4/11 at 11, but if not will catch it in the archives. Bless you Dear Susan.