Angels Speak On Illusion


This is an excerpt of the forth-coming book Angels & Masters Speak: Answers To A Seekers Quest For Knowledge And How To Apply It. Details here.

What does it mean when it is said that this world is an illusion?

The meaning is this: Some of what you see is not really there, it is a thought projection to keep you trapped. You can see a little of reality, but it is distorted. It is far more beautiful than you can imagine. What is there is hidden from you, and if you saw it, it would set you free.

How can I see what is hidden?

By seeking it. By going beyond what you know to be falsely created. Purify yourself. Feel it in your heart – even if you begin with a desire to know what is True – your heart can take you there. You will perceive it.

How can I tell the difference between a thought projection, a distortion, and True reality?

You will feel it. You already know the Truth, it is a part of you and you are a part of it. When you perceive the Truth it will speak to your inner knowing, create a resonance, a feeling of recognition.

How does it help me to see or know that this world is an illusion? In other words, why not just accept what is and enjoy the ride?

Have you ever known anyone who enjoyed the ride?

No. Not without pain, or substances to repress pain.

Why would you accept a lie in place of Truth? Laziness? Giving your power away? Which is in fact refusal to accept responsibility for one’s self. That is how you (collectively) arrived here in the first place. Well, some of you.

When you see the illusory world around you, you can be”in this world but not of it” as The Master said.

You can step out of the game, or play, as you choose. But, fully aware of all the players. Presently, there is a bit of a ‘shell game’ occurring, and most do not know who is doing what. Most cannot see what is behind it all – this game.

What is behind it all?

Powers and principalities.

(Here, the Angel is making a reference to Ephesians 6:12. Look this up for a full explanation. )

Can you elaborate?

Those who would see you trapped and benefit from it.

These things are best discovered on one’s own, as putting it out plainly creates resistance and disbelief. The mind goes blank as the eyes gloss over, the words are not seen.

It is the same as attempting to explain the Truth. One can describe it, and even point the way, but to experience it for one’s self is the only way you can know it.

You are much more than what you see with your eyes and so is the world. Our prayer, our desire, is that you (collectively) awaken and dis-cover that.


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  2. Powerful stuff. It resonates with me Susan, thank-you again for sharing it.