How To Create Paradise

I was recently having tea with a client who mentioned how selfish she felt for not contributing to the world in some way, but instead focusing on her own healing and manifesting what she wants her life to be like. I imagine we all feel that way at times to some degree. We want this world to be a better place, but how can we make it so when we have so much personal work to do? When we are trying to get through lifetimes of ‘stuff’, how can we effect real change that helps others?

By doing our own personal work, and focusing on what we want to create for ourselves we are creating Paradise! By focusing on the beautiful, peaceful world we want to live in – and becoming peaceful within – we bring it that much closer.

As you heal yourself of the past and all that entails, you are making ‘now’ and the future that much lighter and more positive for yourself, and all those around you. With more and more people waking up and doing their personal healing work, the more Light we can hold collectively. As more and more of us hold the Light and become the majority we can literally create the world we want to live in by clearing out what we don’t want. Can you see this happening already globally? Issues are coming up and out to be healed in every aspect of our lives – personally and collectively.

As you are doing your healing work, recognize that it absolutely does contribute to the greater good for all of us. As you are using your manifesting tools for the life you want to experience personally, you are helping to create the New Earth. As we all do these things collectively, it spreads like a grid-work, so your personal Paradise intersects with mine, and so on.

So, as you are envisioning the world you wish to manifest, here is a simple technique that may help speed up the process:

See, sense, or imagine, and really feel the end result of what you want to create – the future you having, being, doing what you desire – for a few minutes. When it feels complete, see, sense or imagine the future you in front of you and pull that future self right into your ‘now’ self.

You can do this every time you visualize. It collapses the time-line between ‘then’ and ‘now’. I have used this technique successfully, and shared it with others who have had great results. Let me know how it works for you.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all created our personal paradise? Me too. Let’s imagine that every day!

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world” ~ John Lennon

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