Dealing with the Dark Side

Many sensitive people I know are dealing with darkness at this time more than ever. Clients, friends, and family members have found demons and entities in their homes and attached to their energy field, and I’ve been busy helping to clear them, as I am asked. I think people are noticing these dark beings around them more now as they wake up, because demons, ghosts, etc have always been here.

The “nasties”

I don’t always name exactly what these beings are, as it can cause fear in some people, usually it just doesn’t matter, and so instead I use a general term to describe them all: “nasties.” It makes them a bit less frightening, I think. The nasties are beings who have de-volved away from the Light, and must feed on the energy of others to survive. They have lost their connection to God.  Usually they are in the etheric realm, or non-physical, but can include people possessed by darkness who are abusive, parasitic, manipulative, and mean.

I have seen the nasties since I was little, been attacked by them, found them in my home, been to places infested with nasties, and seen them possessing people very close to me. They used to scare me sometimes, but I have no fear anymore, as I know their game and how they play it. Once you know their tricks you can recognize it quickly, and begin to clear them. If you have done your inner work, to heal and purify yourself, dedicating your self and Self to the Light, it becomes easier and easier.

A client recently asked why they keep coming back when she is vigilant about using her clearing tools. Here’s what I’ve learned: It is the nature of this realm we live in – a polarity dimension – which consists of both dark and Light. Buddhism, Christianity, and other ancient scripture tells us that the Earth is the realm of Satan. The existence of these beings has been known throughout the ages, as have ways to deal with them. It is my belief that during the crusades and witch hunts, when people possessed by darkness turned the tables and accused healers, seers, and Light-workers of being evil, those brutal deaths may have implanted a fear of ‘seeing’ and using our gifts in this life, out of fear of history repeating. This repression by the darkness has caused a kind of sleep to blind us to these gifts, and our inner knowing of what is dark and Light. Search yourself for this fear or belief, and pull it out of your energy field. Heal this trauma and your perspective of the world and your role in it may change.

I also have a theory about magnetic and electrical overload in our systems which tamper with our sixth sense. We know Electro Magnetic Frequencies have been linked to illness, including cancer. As we are electro magnetic beings, it’s easy to see how our personal energy field can be distorted by EMF’s. One reason we feel closer to God, and more at peace in Nature because trees block EMF’s.

It amazes me how blatantly obvious the dark side makes itself known in this world and yet people choose to ignore it. We have been conditioned to be blind to it all around us. Knowing we live in a polarity dimension, we can discern it by asking ourselves: Does this thought/belief/book/experience/ food/treatment/medication/image/movie/substance/music/job/relationship/commitment make me free, healthy, peaceful, and closer to Source?

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”

~ Charles Baudelaire

Sea salt, crystals, clearing music, prayers, fasting, and other tools, can work for a little while, or longer if you are vigilant. An experienced shaman or energetic healer can pull them out of you, and clear your home, too. I offer this service, and have been successful in clearing the stubbornest of nasties.

However, there are ways to lessen the attacks, and make you ‘unpalatable’ to the nasties so when they do show up, there’s no reason for them to stick around. I went into this in detail in my class “Clear and Protect Your Energy Field”, but I’ll give you some ways that may be helpful here.

The nasties feed off negative energy, and will send impulses to perpetuate it so they can survive.

These impulses usually come into your field first as negative thoughts. If you attach to these thoughts, by believing it’s your thought, then negative feelings will follow, and free lunch for the nasties. Cultivate self-awareness, and be mindful of the origin of your thoughts. Begin by sitting for a few minutes each day in silence and witness the thoughts that come up. With each one ask: Whose thought is this? Then let it go. The results may surprise you.

Do your inner healing work:

The nasties will target your weaknesses and wounds, exacerbate them, then attach to your field, or aura, at that place, usually a chakra.

Forgive everything and everyone, ask forgiveness for yourself, and clear your karma as best you can.

Purify your body and keep it clean.

Call in the Light to fill your physical body, aura, and living space. Often.

Connecting to God, Guardian Angels, Mother Earth and Her Guardian Animals to protect you.

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 NIV

Along with your inner healing work is dealing with your shadow, or personal dark side, which we all have. Observe yourself – not in judgment, but awareness – and see how you treat yourself and others, and what energy you are sending out. Like attracts like.

It’s my belief that the ego-mind is connected to the “reptilian” part of the brain, and this is where the impulses sent out by the nasties are received by humans.

If we are ‘coming from’ our ego, or reptilian mind, we are more easily influenced by darkness.

When we are aligned to our Higher Self our heart is open which naturally creates a lighter, higher vibrating energy field. Darkness cannot attach to someone while their heart is open.

A Few Things to Avoid

Avoid drugs and alcohol – all kinds – and people who use them. Bars are full of demons, and yes they transfer from person to person. Drugs and alcohol send you out of your body and create rips in your energy field creating a doorway for parasites and other nasties. Ever see someone act completely different under the influence of substances? Also, I recently heard someone mention that the reason alcohol is called ‘Spirits’ is because you are more easily accessed for possession by Spirits while drinking. People who smoke a lot of pot usually have several demons attached and always have dark, dark auras. Unfortunately, they also live in denial and refuse help, thinking it’s harmless. Believe me, I’ve tried. Instead of stuffing your negative feelings, heal them, and be done with it!

Also, horror movies, violent/dark/demonic images and music emit an energy signature vibration of fear and worse. The sounds and images call in the nasties. Like attracts like. It’s no coincidence these are made to be appealing to teenagers and young adults. They are more easily influenced.

Few people I’ve met who have nasties attached to them know it. It’s sad sometimes because I want to help, and I pray for them, but I cannot interfere with someone’s personal evolution unless asked. Sometimes I offer my assistance, but it can be tricky as I can’t come right out and say “By the way, do you want me to get rid of those parasitic demons for you?”

False Power        

I know people who are fully aware they have entities sharing their body – and like it! They believe it gives them power, but of course this is an erroneous belief impulsed by the nasty. It comes to no good end, believe me.

When one of these people came to his senses and allowed me to clear it, he actually looked different after it was gone. He looked softer around the edges somehow, and his voice was softer too. His life had been a downward spiral for a while, and within a couple months of the clearing got a job, an apartment, and girlfriend.

If these nasties are allowed to remain in your field – knowingly or not – you’ll come to nothing but negative experiences. Do your best to live with an open heart, that is the best defense.

I am praying that the Shift we are experiencing is the beginning of what The Book of Revelation calls “a thousand years of peace” during which the darkness is locked in “the abyss”. I would love to experience a world without darkness! Can you imagine what it would be like?

You may want to try try these prayers to help you clear and protect yourself.

© Susan Sloane 2011

P.S. I recommend two books on this subject. The first is Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days by Stuart Wilde. This book is for those on the Spiritual path, and offers metaphysical techniques and eye-opening info for those with a bit of metaphysical experience . I recommend all books by Stuart, I’ve learned much from his books for over 20 years -but this one in particular for dealing with darkness.

The second is more of a how-to, good for those inexperienced, with many ways to rid yourself of particular nasties. I found this book full of great advice and actions to take now: The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook – A Survival Guide, by Robert Bruce.

I am not asscociated with them in any way, and receive no commissions. Just passing on good info.


4 responses to “Dealing with the Dark Side”

  1. Thank you for your very insightful comments, Jason. I agree with all you said, and can see you’re speaking from experience. It’s true that it can be very subtle changes, or out-bursts of rage, or sadness, that can indicate an entity is attached. I agree that they will use any self-doubt, or any other negative feeling to latch on and exacerbate it so it can feed off of the negative emotion produced, which makes doing our inner work so very important. Looking at our wounds, our shadow, and repressed feelings is the only way to clear them, then it becomes easier to notice when something that’s not ‘you’ is in your energy field.

    I haven’t tried your forgiveness technique but may try it. I usually don’t engage the “neg”, (negative) or address it directly, I just clear it. I think that’s a good test if you’re unsure, but you have to know how to deal with the reaction – with non-reaction. Any fear will give it ground. No fear, no anger, no emotion, is the best way I’ve found to diffuse an attack.

    God bless you Jason! Thanks again for your comments.



  2. I’d like to briefly say that I like what you are doing with this site Susan; there are not enough people “in the know” doing this during the influx of demonic activity seen all over the world.

    Most recently, I just came out of a bad almost year period where I, my ex of almost 7 years, and most of the people around me were being “driven” most of the time. I call it driving (possession, partial or otherwise). I personally removed two demons who didn’t have rights to their host and God The Child intervened in my own case and I believe I am now “out of the fire” so to speak; as much as you can be once you are noticed by the darkness.

    A great way to test to see if someone is being driven and you don’t have the gift of discernment is to tell the person/entity “I forgive you”; just throw it in at random and see if the “person” goes off the hook.. Demons HATE to be forgiven or told that they are forgiven. The hard signs of possession are no longer necessary in these cases; they can be subtle and look like nothing more than a bi-polar episode or menopause. They also cannot “pick” your thoughts in regards to God, true love as God The Child loves, or anything to do with her. If you would, please pass these tips on to others..

    They are the major reason why I’m driving me today and not Big Ugly with the talons. Fear and doubts, especially self doubts, are ALL these things need to get in and take you and your loved ones for a spin. People who are psychically gifted are prime targets and they will more than likely use those you love to punch holes in your armor and once you rock it, it gets BAD.

    Keep up the good work Susan, and to the rest of yall keep the faith. I hope some of this will be useful.


  3. Hi Christine,

    Yes, I’ve seen this too, unfortunately. There are two things you can do: The first is, don’t ever take it personally. I’ve seen that people are usually not aware when this happens, or why they attack others – verbally or otherwise. Someone once told me he didn’t even remember saying or doing things he did! It’s not the person’s true self speaking, thus not their true feelings.

    You can also pray for them.Ask their Guardian Angels to remove the darkness from them. See them filled with Light and surrounded by Angels, full of love and happy. This will work as long as they are not engaging in behavior to bring the nasties back.

    Namaste Christine : )


  4. I see the nasties at play a lot with a few people who are closely related to me. Its like they are from time to time taken hold of, and during those times feel it necessary to be ‘nasty’ toward ne,