Burn Your Resolutions!

How are you doing on your New Year Resolutions? Kudos to you if you’re sticking with them and making progress!


However, many of us start out with intentions to make changes that are overwhelming and set ourselves up for failure. We pressure ourselves with lists to ‘be, do, and have’, then beat ourselves up when it doesn’t happen. This fuels self-hatred and ego lies about inadequacy. But, there is another way…


Love yourself as you are. Cultivate satisfaction with your self and your life they way they are now. This quiets the ego.


When you love your self and align with your Higher Self you naturally align with what is next for you. The pounds melt away, the cash rolls in, the perfect partner shows up – because you are on purpose. You’ll know when it’s time to act – or wait and do nothing until the timing is right. Maybe your soul’s plan isn’t aligned with what your ego mind wants. Maybe your soul’s plan has something bigger, better, or different in store for you. Or, maybe there are more lessons to be learned before those things you’d like to be, do, or have, show up. By trying to force things into place you may be delaying your soul plan from unfolding. Often causing yourself pain in the process.


Are you “should”ing all over yourself?


When you are focused on what needs to be fixed about your body or your life you are missing what is here now. Will you love yourself unconditionally with flatter abs or more money? Probably not. The ego will always find things to despise about the self, and feed you “if only” scenarios. Emotional attachments to specific outcomes can lead to failure and disappointment.


Many, if not all, of the things we would like to ‘fix’ are caused by ego-mind choices.


Progress cannot be forced.


I’m not saying don’t set goals or intentions. Those are wonderful tools to help you get a clear picture of what you would like to create. I am saying don’t attach to them emotionally. Be free enough about them in your mind and heart that if they don’t happen when or the way you think they should – or at all – you don’t feel like a failure. Trust your soul! Feel the excitement of the unknown! Be open to possibilities! Make space for your life to unfold for your Highest and best good!


May Thy Will and my will be One.


So, burn your resolutions! Hold a Sacred Ceremony and tell your Higher Self/Goddess/God/Universe: “This is what I would like to happen, but I’m surrendering myself here and now to what You would have me be, do, or have. I open to receive now all you have in store for me. I Trust You. I promise to listen for your Guidance, then act on it. Amen.


Wait, listen, and then act. Divinely inspired and supported actions are powerful and effect True and lasting results!


Feel free to use my Daily Self Alignment Prayer to help get you there.

copyright 2012 Susan Sloane


2 responses to “Burn Your Resolutions!”

  1. Lovely Laura,

    Thank you for sharing! You always have great questions, too…

    Those strong urges are Guidance. Trust your feelings over thoughts always. (And by feelings I don’t mean emotions.) When you follow your gut feelings you’re always on your soul path.

    Your Higher Self will always ‘tell’ you how to get what you require for your soul growth – if you need to do anything.

    If what you’re trying to manifest is not showing up then it’s not time, it’s not in your soul plan, or you’re emotionally attached to it. Let it go!

    Pray (ask), Meditate (listen), act or wait. You can do this all day, with everything.

    Bless you too, Laura!



  2. Thank you for this wonderful, practical insight Susan! If I could describe what I am going through lately with wanting to make a career/life change, your newsletter spoke to my feelings to a “T”.

    Inside me is a very strong urge to make a change and align with my true purpose, career, life style lately. I sense a change coming, but its difficult to balance the “doing” and the “being” during this time. I love the idea of surrendering to my Higher Power and Higher Self and ask for guidance and have faith. And I also loving the idea of quieting the ego with loving what is at this time and knowing it is exactly what should be happening in my life right now.

    My trouble is with balancing my manifesting and trying to be an active co-creator in my life with relaxing back and surrendering to my Higher Power for direction. Especially with my current strong urges in my heart to step out of a life path that seems to so clearly not suit me anymore.

    Any tips on how to ride the wave of my paradox??

    Thank you and bless you for your wonderful insight and guidance!!