Daily Self Alignment Prayer

The following is a personal prayer I use daily – sometimes several times throughout the day – to align with my Higher Self. In my desire to be on purpose and of service, I wrote this to get my ego mind out of the way in all I do.

Take a moment before saying the prayer and focus on the breath moving in and out through the heart chakra, expanding and opening it with every exhale, as the heart energy moves out to surround you and fill your field.

Always say the prayer aloud, with focus, and with love inspiring every word.

After saying it, (or at any time) bring your attention to the heartbeat, the pulse in your body, knowing that your Life Force IS God.

Mother-Father God,

Prime Creator of All that Is,

This day and every day,

Use my body, mind, and Spirit to fulfill Your Will on Earth.

Take from me the longings and desires of my mortal mind,

and quiet the ego so I can hear Your Voice.

Put Your Visions in my mind,

Your Words in my mouth,

Your Love in my heart,

Your Actions in my body,

As I am Your vessel in Service

to the One God,

One Source.

Fill me with Your Light and Love

This day and everyday.

In the name of the Creator and Created as One.

And so it is.

And so it is.

And so it is.

© Susan H Sloane 2011


2 responses to “Daily Self Alignment Prayer”

  1. Thank you Karen! Love to you!

  2. Susan, this is beautiful! It can be so hard to get out of the way so Source can shine through, and these words really help set that intention and open awareness. Thank you!