Prometheus and Optimum Health

Caution: This article may challenge your beLIEfs, and give rise to resistance within you. Pay attention to your resistance, and feel if these truths for me are true for you, too.

Some food for thought, and thoughts on food…

In my quest for optimum health, I’ve tried many elimination diets over the years, but nothing really worked to make me feel better or have more energy. Until now.

My encounter with a Cow Pie

I haven’t eaten red meat or pork (aka cows and pigs) for many years, because of the steroids, antibiotics and who knows what else they’re treated with. But, in a recent Session I did for a client, a Guide told him “Eating meat is causing a conflict within you as you have a deep love for all animals. This, (being out of alignment with your heart) causes soul fragmentation.” A light went on within me – could this be true for me as well? My whole body responded YES!

Soon after, I was at the health food store buying supplements, where I picked up a free copy of a magazine with “Vegetarian Recipes” on the cover. Turned out to be from PETA, and it did include some recipes, but had several pages about the way animals are treated in the process of becoming our food. These images were hard to look at, but necessary to know what’s really going on with our ‘food’.  My stomach turned, my heart hurt, and I couldn’t bear the thought of my beloved cat, or any pet, being treated in this cruel, sick way. Another light came on – there is no difference between these animals and our pets, except that we eat some and make others part of our family. That’s it. Some are not meant for food and others companions. They are all conscious beings capable of love and affection. It’s all in our beLIEf system, or b.s.

Immediately I prayed for forgiveness for ever consuming any of these beautiful Beings. I asked to be forgiven for the karma I had created by participating in their painful and cruel treatment. I lay down to pray and meditate on this, and immediately had a vision of a beautiful brown and white cow next to my bed. I asked her if she and the animal kingdom could forgive my horrific actions in my ignorance, and she said, “Yes.” Then, she turned completely around and dropped a huge cow pie next to my bed! I thought, “Okay, I probably deserve at least that in retribution for eating your kind.” She turned round again, put her front hoof in the pie and smeared it on my third eye. I was protesting “Hey don’t put it on me!” But she didn’t listen and continued to put it all over me. I allowed it, thinking it must be my karma, and if this clears it, then I’ll do what it takes.

Later that night, I opened a book I’ve had for years and never read: The Bhagavad-Gita As It Is by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Reading the introduction – to my wonderful amazement – I read, “Cow dung is sacred, according to Vedic scripture. If one touches the dung of an animal he must bathe his whole body, and yet cow dung can purify an impure  place or person, according to Vedic scripture…It has been found by modern chemists that cow dung is a composition of antiseptic properties.” (Italics mine)

That beautiful cow in my vision was purifying me, forgiving my karma, and I am grateful she graced me with her Sacred Dung. I have since stopped consuming all dairy products as well, and feel more energetic and mentally clear than I have in a long, long, time.

Prometheus’s Curse

A while back, I read a fantastic book documenting the complete recovery of AIDS patients (some near death) when they changed their diet to all raw food. I can’t help but wonder what else can be cured this way? This passage in particular spoke to me as it de-mystifies this supposed myth:

“In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods in order to give it to mankind. Zeus, the father of the Gods, punished man by sending a woman, Pandora, to open the container where all the plagues and illnesses were stored. This apparently harmless myth takes on a much deeper meaning if one recalls that fire was used almost exclusively for culinary purposes during that epoch in Greek history. If the various illnesses did escape from Pandora’s box, did the transformation of food by fire have anything to do with it? The verdict of the myth is severe: as punishment for his misdeed, Prometheus was chained to a rock where an eagle pecked out his liver for eternity. There is a striking convergence between this myth (suggesting that the use of fire for cooking leads to illness) and the astounding remissions obtained by a natural diet in human subjects and in the cats of Pottenger (raw food=health). Our ancestors doubtless understood, at least subconsciously, that the transformation of food could be heavy with consequences, as they explained in the Prometheus myth. From Maximize Immunity: And Unleash Your Best Defense Against Illness by Bruno Comby 1994. (Italics mine)

I think this passage deserves some contemplation. The liver removes toxins from our body, and cooked and processed foods all contain toxins. There is so much information online and in books on the benefits of raw food that this is worth looking into if you don’t feel your health is at it’s full potential. I’ve read some amazing personal accounts, and currently eat about 80% of my food raw, whole, and unprocessed.

There is also evidence that certain raw foods (garlic, ginger, and more) clear nuclear radiation from the body as well, while dairy products store it in your cells. And, now a days, that’s something we all need.

Godspeed optimum health for us all, and may the Light of Wisdom lead our way to it!