Addiction: Possible Cause, Possible Cure

I see this again and again with clients, friends, and even myself*: Addictions are a compulsive reaction to ‘stuffing down’, or holding on to emotions. Whether it’s food, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, or hypnotizing yourself with television  – it is all avoidance behavior, an escape or distraction from what’s going on inside of you.

To be completely free of an addiction takes some work, but it can be done. You have to be willing to choose health over hurt, self-love over self-destruction, and let go of the past to be fully present in the now.

If you’re dealing with an addiction, most likely somewhere in your past there was a moment or prolonged period of trauma; deep disappointment, neglect, abuse, betrayal or abandonment – that was so overwhelming you just couldn’t face it.

Think back – really focus and be honest with yourself. What was going on in your life when this behavior began? How old were you? What was your family life like at home? At school? At work? How where you feeling about your self at that time?

I have noticed that sometimes people get stuck in the time period when major ‘stuff’ was going on in their life that they are unable to move past, manifesting as: a hair style or clothing from that time period, listening to the same music from that time which makes them feel nostalgic about it (or internally wanting a do-over), acting similarly to that age, i.e. not maturing to their current age.

Expressing the emotions you felt at the time of this event/events is the key to healing addiction once and for all. You have to get the energy of it out of you to heal. Those ‘stuffed down’ emotions are probably attracting similar circumstances to cause those feelings to replay in your life now. You can be free of this.

Begin At The Beginning

You begin the process by facing what ever it was that hurt so badly that it made you want to hurt yourself to escape the pain. To heal anything at its primary cause (the energetic seed in your aura/energy bodies) you have to find it first, by following the roots (the memories of events). This can cause fear if you allow it, but know that you are in THIS moment, and only looking at a memory. Even the feelings are a memory – an imprint left on you in a moment in time. There is nothing to fear.

Make a safe, sacred place and time for yourself where you won’t be disturbed. Begin by writing down everything you remember about that time and how you felt about it, who was involved, etc. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, or anyone reading it. You can burn it later if you wish, to watch it go and transmute it – which I recommend. The point is to get the energy of it out of you.

Some people resist journaling, or make excuses not to. However, while this step may seem too simple to work it gets the energy moving, and can be very healing if you commit to it. It clears the subconscious of repetitive and ‘junk’ thoughts, so you can better focus on now.

If you don’t remember the exact time or circumstances, go as far back as you can in your memory as close to when the behavior began. Writing what you do remember or currently think about the situation can make way for older memories to come to mind. You can also write letters to the people involved, telling them how you feel, how you wish things went, what you wanted them to do, etc. You can send them or not, but express it.

Allow the emotions to express themselves: write them out as “I feel….”, scream, punch pillows, cry, (crying is the way the body releases pain), what ever you feel, honor that, and just stay with it for however long it takes. It will pass quicker as you recognize this process as clearing. You can do this. Endeavor to not hold onto a ‘victim mentality’ or the clearing won’t be complete. Just witness yourself letting go of energy. Don’t perpetuate the past into the present by reliving it, but witness it.

Comfort Your Inner Child

Inner Child work is extremely helpful in getting in touch with your true feelings about any situation, and I highly recommend it as part of this process. For more info on what it is and a free Inner Child meditation click here. There is also info online and many books about it as well.

Clearing Curses and Karma

Some people carry a ‘genetic curse’ making them predisposed to addictive behavior. (Scientists have dis-covered a gene for alcoholism.) These ‘curses’, or karmic re-plays, can be stopped. It may be a genetic imprint from actions of an ancestor passed down through generations. As we are our own ancestors, these can be traced back through past-life viewing, or energetic healing, and ‘erased’ from your energy field.

Realize It May Not All Be You

Negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions carry a certain vibration, which draw to you beings of like vibration. Some of these may be people who have passed on who resonate with what you’re ‘sending out’, or entities which feed off the energy generated by negativity (known in Buddhism as hungry ghosts). These can impulse you to perpetuate the vibe of the emotions and behavior, because for them it’s a free lunch. Feeling like you can’t control your own actions? If so, this may apply to you. Energetic healing can rid you of any nasty ‘piggy-backers’.


Once you do all this work, and clear away the ‘issues’, you’ll need to fill in those places energetically with Light, and your heart, mind, and beliefs with positivity. You cannot go rolling in the mud again. A lifestyle change may be in order to replace a destructive behavior with a constructive one. Friendships may end – but new ones will begin. Most likely, you’ll feel so much better about yourself  – and lighter- you will want to start treating yourself better.

*My Addiction

I experienced all three of these (trauma, genetic curse, entity), which kept me stuck in a 30-year addiction to cigarettes. (I was 8 years old when I started) I tried everything to stop over the years, desperately wanting to, but nothing worked until I did the process I have outlined above. It took some deep inner work, and no, it wasn’t easy, but I did it. I know you can too.

One of my Guides says:

We wish to tell you this: When you do things destructive to the physical body it reverberates all the way up to the soul causing fragmentation. When you honor the physical body, you honor your soul, which is your God aspect.

To clear unwanted habits of self-destruction, call in the soul for help. The presence of the soul is calming and can get you back on track, so to speak.

Now, when you do this, come to a place of stillness within, so the ego steps out of the way and quiets down. Then you will feel the associated emotions (to the addiction or behavior) arise and you can witness them, and release them.

That is all for now. Love your Self as God does. Amen.

And so it is. Godspeed your healing!

In Love & Service,

Susan Sloane


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