Much Ado About 2012

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There is such a vast amount of info available on the prophesies of 2012 that it can be daunting to discern the Truth. The most obvious aspect of all that is out there is the polarity of it. While one ‘side’ states the world is ending completely, or is in a downward spiral of militant mind control, survival-ism, and a technology crash (gasp!).  The other ‘side’ avers the opposite: a new world of peace and existential harmony in which we embody our Highest Self.

Some say those who have Awakened will ascend, or “move up” , to a parallel Earth – a paradise – which exists in a higher dimension than the 3D Earth, while those still in the 3D mind will devolve with the “old” Earth.

So which is it? Is the anti-Christ going to take over the world, or are we returning to Paradise?

In short, both are true.

In Truth, it is up to you. And me.

Ascended Master Saint Germain says: There are things occurring and Beings in this world that would have you believe the Ascension is not going to occur. I assure you it will and is whether or not you are “on board” – pun intended.

Three things to keep in mind today:

  1. It is a choice, free will in action. Stay asleep, or wake to the Truth. Take it or leave it.
  2. Being Love in action is no guarantee. Although it is a large piece of your evolution, you must actively participate in all aspects of personal transformation to become Light enough to transfer dimensions into the New Earth. We are starting over, as it were, and like attracts like – there are criteria.
  3. Your desire to see Source Energy, or God, if you will, in ALL BEINGS will be a great catalyst for your ascension.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey adds: “To participate in your own evolution takes discipline. Now is the time to get a hold of “your self”: your habits, belief systems, and substances and practices which do not serve  you and toss them out! You must live like a Master, a monk, a sage, a magi. In every step you take there is a wave of energy sent out into the matrix of life, effecting all things, and returning to you.

“Prepare, prepare, prepare – the “time” is now! You must become so self aware that as resistance comes up in your body, your field, you can release it right away, allowing it to flow through you like a wave. When you “grab” resistance it creates blocks in your field leading to fatigue and illness. The avoidance behavior must go now. We cannot stress this enough.

“Where does your focus go? On peace and love and harmony with your brothers and sisters? Or, fear, disaster, abandonment and lack? Are you preparing for disaster, hoarding food and expecting a negative outcome? Then you will get it.

“We are on a precipice of untimely happenstance. You are creating  your reality, as you think on it. When you are feeling love that is what you get in return, and all is right in the world of your making. When you focus on fear, feeling fear you create fearful situations which perpetuate fear. This is no new news to you. You must move this from a concept in your mind into a way of being.

“Time lines (which are false constructs of the 3D realm) are collapsing now, and the feed-back of the frequency you emit is just about instantaneous. If you choose to hold on to the world-stage of the ego’s making then that is where you reside, in that moment. However, a “moment” is all it takes to shift into the vibration of love, where all is well. And in Truth all is well, for you are not your ego and the 3D world belongs to it. Now, knowing this, which do you choose?”

Not one of us alone can stop the wars, or oil spill damage, or nuclear radiation from spreading, so let it go. Holding onto fear and frustration serves no one.

But, what can we do?

Focus on what is right and good and lend your energy to that. Count your blessings and let the rest be.

As we are microcosms of the macrocosm – the Earth – we clear and shift as She brings herself into a state of homeostasis and vice-versa. We can participate by making peace in ourselves and our personal sphere of influence. Do your inner work by letting go of all that no longer serves you: old belief systems and all things self-limiting. Release judgment and fear, call in the Light.

If we all make Heaven on Earth in our personal environment, it will grow and spread like a grid work and soon our deepest longings for a peaceful, harmonious world will be realized.

Serapis Bey says: “Allow the Divine Plan to unfold, trusting all is well – for Truly it is – even if you cannot see it yet. Give no thought to fear-filled dramas which make you feel helpless. Let them play themselves out and it will end. Then, you will wake up in a New World where all is “right as rain”. In Truth you can see this happening already.”

Godspeed our ascension. And so it is.

In Love & Service,



3 responses to “Much Ado About 2012”

  1. I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!! I absolutely loved every little bit of it.

    I have you saved as a favorite to look at new things you post…

  2. Yes, yes! Thank you Deenah, and God Bless you : )

  3. I agree – To truth it IS up to you ane me. One approach is to learn to raise your vibrational frequency, and gently allow the ascension process to BE, without resistance.
    Love & Light