Energetic Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

detail from Spirits by Susan Sloane
Detail from Spirits by Susan Sloane

This is an amazing time to be alive. The Earth and all of her inhabitants are being saturated with a downpour – and out-pour – of beautiful  Light of the highest frequencies we can assimilate, to assist in our collective ascension.  Anything and everything of a lesser vibration is being brought into the Light for transmutation and release – Healing. The darkness has held us hostage for a very long time, sending out its frequency causing fear, pain, a feeling of separation from God and each other, and using the negative ego as the receptor within us. But, alas, with Masters teaching us to become aware of our ego and its thoughts, the darkness is losing its grip on humanity at breakneck speed. We are evolving as a race and planet quickly now, and we must be vigilant to remain aligned in the Light in every moment, with every thought, with every breath.

As we are releasing old thoughts, experiences, beliefs, etc., these things will come to mind for acknowledgment, then release. Be sure you are not caught in the vicious circle of the emotion of the past. Just release whatever comes up, do not attach to it! When I catch myself thinking of the past or negatively I like to use 2 golden nuggets from A Course in Miracles: “Thank you for that thought, but I don’t need you.” And, “I choose the Atonement now. ”

Sometimes it becomes a mindful mantra, and determination to heal and ascend out of the pain and chaos of the 3D are my fuel. We must do our best to train our minds to focus on the positive. Turn your heart and mind to God. Invoke all of the Archangelic realm, your guides, and the Ascended Masters to assist you. Let us not feed the darkness any longer. Instead, let us radiate everything we truly are.

In all of my healing work, I invoke and request the assistance, guidance, and healing gifts of all Masters and Angels I can think of. It is exactly like calling all of your friends when you need help with something big in your life. Our healing is BIG, and we have untold legions of Light Beings and off-Earth family waiting for our request for help. We only have to reach out energetically- with our voice, intention, or heart, and instantly they show up for us.

With so much being revealed and released, we can sometimes feel dense energies stuck in our field. This would manifest physically as lack of energy, irritability, or general feelings of unwellness, not feeling like oneself, etc. If allowed to remain, like will attract like and, well, you know the rest! We must clear our energy field with the same routine as brushing our teeth; twice a day.

So I have included here two prayers I use at the beginning of my classes, private healing sessions, and personally. It helps tremendously if you speak it aloud while visualize what you are asking to be done, as being done in the moment. Then throughout the day, focus on the Light surrounding you to strengthen it. Remember this saying from The Secret? – “Energy flows where attention goes,” and now – more than ever – it is important to stay clear and strong in the Light, so focus on that!

These prayers are attributed to Dr. Joshua David Stone, founder of I Am University, and author of over 40 informative books on the ascension process (and it is a process!). They are incredibly powerful, covering all of the bases, so to speak.  (I have modified them slightly.)


Father-Mother God, I ask that I be cleared and cleansed within the Universal White Christ Light, the green healing Light, and the Violet transmuting flame, within God’s Will and for my highest Good. I ask that any and all negativity; projections, negative thought forms, demons, entities, e.t.’s, negative implants, plugs & miasms, curses, cords, karmic waste, impulses, blocks, blinders, binders, veils, parasites, leeches, drains, illness and disease, and all else which does not belong to me, seen and unseen, known and unknown, be completely sealed in it’s own light, encapsulated within the ultra-violet Light, cut off and removed from me, impersonally, with neither love nor hate. I return all negativity to its source of emanation, decreeing that it never again be allowed to re-establish itself within me or anyone else in any form. I now ask that I be placed within a triple capsule of the Universal White Christ Light of protection, and for this Blessing I give Thanks. Amen.


Mother/Father God, Beloved Mighty I AM presence, Office of The Christ, Holy Spirit, Beloved Archangels, and all the Ascended Masters, the Forces of the Elements, and the Family of Light in Service to the Law of One, I invoke the Tube of Golden-White Light, a Wall of Blue Flame surrounding that Tube of Light, a Triple Ring-Pass-Not, and a Wall of the Violet Fire of Divine Love, to be an Invincible Cosmic Atmosphere over and around me for invincible, invulnerable, and indestructible Protection from all misqualified energies and opposition to the fulfillment of my Divine Plan coming from any and all sources, known and unknown. And for this Blessing I give Thanks. Amen.

Remember; twice a day.  And in-joy this amazing time of miracles!

©2009 Susan Sloane


2 responses to “Energetic Cleanliness is Next to Godliness”

  1. Emmanuel,

    Your self-awareness is the first key to healing anything, I commend you for that.

    You are very welcome, Brother.

    What a beautiful name you have, too.

    In service,


  2. Awesome prayer. I feel the energies of these prayer right now as I sit here and read this. Thanks you for this post as this has helped me to understand what was happening to me last night as I felt drain of my energy and I had a not so good feeling of not being myself. I also had one of those mild and nagging headaches. I first I thought I was just dehydrated by then I sensed that something deeper was going on and I started crying for no reason. I just wanted the feeling to go away. Now after reading this post I know what it was . I had stuck negative energy. I can’t thank you enough for this post. Namaste