Easy Come, Not-So-Easy Go?


It is a reality for many of us now, personally as well as globally, that the context of our lives are being cleared of that which will not support an authentic lifestyle. There is a global dismantling of the collective ego, and it shows up for us in a very personal way – as loss and/or fear (false evidence appearing real) of loss.

“A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” ~ Baz Lurman

It is easy to give in to the fear programming in the media – we have been hypnotized by it all of our lives. But when we become still, and turn our awareness to what is, in this very moment, there is nothing to fear. Let go of the repetitive ‘what if’s’, and see what is.

In our Higher awareness, humanity is breathing a sigh of relief as we see the old ways and systems -that almost destroyed us- crumble and fall. There is a part of us that knows this Spring-cleaning is long over due, and behind the veil of fear of the unknown is extreme joy that it is finally happening. Yes, it appears the world economy is falling apart, but if you look closer, you will find that it is a system rebalancing itself. Financial waste, abuse, leeching, and corporate favoritism are all coming up and out into the light to be healed and transformed. The wicked witch is melting, the wizard behind the curtain has been exposed as a fraud, and it is time to create a new Home.

And I will repeat: It is easy to give in to the fear programming in the media – we have been hypnotized by it all of our lives. Shut it off! Count your blessings, and there are many, and go for a walk in nature. Connect with the Earth, and remember each and every way you have always been provided for throughout your life, and always will be. Let go of the image of how you think you should be provided for, and witness miracles.

In many ways we have been learning to be in a constant state of surrender to God/Universe/Life Force, as it sometimes feels that nothing we try “our way” works, and it seems we are held back from moving forward. We are making good use of all the lessons gleaned from the many books and seminars on being “in the moment” right now! Obstacles and outright blocks, timing issues, and communication problems teach us to “let go and let God.”

“We must grow so independent of material and external things that whatever the circumstances our Spirit can continue to do its work.” ~ Etty Hillesum, Casualty of the Nazi Holocost

When you experience what you perceive as loss it may help to remember that life is energy, and energy always is in motion like the ebb and flow of the tide. To and from, back and forth. When you cling to a belief that some things should not change, and then they do, that is the instant where the pain is created. When you do not accept what is, and even questioning the nature of the Universe as if it were personally assaulting you, you create blocks preventing the new, beautiful experiences from coming in. All of our experiences, those that we judge as “good” or “bad,” are what “life” consists of. Experiences. It just is what is. When we resist change, or question (why me?) or make a victim identity and story about all the “bad” that has happened, we create our own sea of suffering – which colors every experience – and cannot see what is, here and now. Life! Beauty! Love!

Many people have*, or are experiencing what I have come to know as The Job Initiation; job loss and career changes, relationships ending, moving to a new city, even name changes. (I recommend anyone who has experienced loss read the parable of Job in the Old Testament, especially if your ego is telling you right now that you know it. I promise there is a message there for you!) We are collectively creating authentic lives for ourselves – true to who we really are – even when it all seems out of our control.

“Yes, there is a difference between self-actualization and self -image actualization.” ~ Bruce Lee

I am not just writing about my theories here, I experience everything I write about, including this. In the last two years I have let go of two career-building jobs I enjoyed, my home, my possessions, my entire inner circle, the man I loved, and my health. I healed a 30-year nicotine addiction, moved to a new city, got divorced, and changed my name. Everything that defined my identity was stripped from me in a very short, head-spinning, period of time. It was a complete dismantling of the ego, and at times, very scary.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell

I resisted these changes at first, questioning my self worth, questioning God about what I had done wrong to deserve this, and trying to force things to work my way. I believed these things were obstacles to be overcome, and if I just found the right thing to do or say it would work out. Uh-uh. My resistance only prolonged the pain I was associating with letting go, created illness, and I experienced what has been referred to as “the dark night of the soul.” (Google it if it resonates with you)

“To refuse to be cast down, that is the lesson. Walk on and see a new view. Walk on and see the birds fly. Walk on and leave behind all things that would dam up the inlet of experience.”

~ Bruce Lee

Then one day, about a year ago, a series of miracles began. I was shown that I had not ‘lost’ anything at all. I was given a blank slate. A clean, white, new piece of paper on which to write my new experiences. Experiences which serve my Highest Purpose. Experiences I choose. Experiences with people who do not value me by my possessions, or job title, or what I could do for them. An opportunity to consciously create an authentic life. It is as if I have been reincarnated in the same body. Ah yes, I was given the gift of a fresh start!

“Living in fear of anything

is a life of Master as slave.”

~Susan Sloane

As soon as I saw the big picture, my heart opened and I began to heal on every level.  Everything began to flow so beautifully. I was guided to the right professionals to assist in my healing, new friends showed up, all of my possessions were replaced anew, and my career is on the authentic path of my purpose. I have met people, been provided for, and experienced abundance in ways that can only be described as miraculous.

It is a process, and there are tests and challenges, but I can assure you of this: Freely let go of anything or anyone you perceive as leaving you, personally or globally, and wish them well. Do not grasp at it, or cling to it. Thank it or them for going! Its going makes a space for something or someone more suited to you and what you need. God and the Universe know far better than we do about these things. Surrender to it and the miracles will commence!

©2009 Susan Sloane

* A short list of the many well known folks who have experienced what I refer to as “The Job Initiation” (see the Old Testament, too):

Chris Gardner,  subject of the film The Pursuit of Happyness

Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations With God

JZ Knight, Ramtha channel

Byron Katy, creator of “The Work” – see ‘the work dot com’

Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis dot com, who has written of her experience on her site under the title “Spiritual Nomads”. I highly recommend you seek this out if you are experiencing this now.

and many more…