The Mechanics of Healing


Do you know that you are a beautiful being of Light – a divine expression of The God force – and that you are perfect in every way?  Do you function in the world as a Master of your life in the knowing of what you are? Or are the people, events, and circumstances in your life, or even the thoughts in your mind, the master over you?

In the simplest terms, we are Spirits utilizing a bio suit. We are energy beings which created matter to express the God within us. Then somewhere in ‘time’ we got lost in the game and believed we were our creation. We lost the connection to the Being playing the game; our True Selves. Scripture states that Adam (the Hebrew word for man) was put to sleep. The time has come to awaken from this dream, reconnect to God,and return to paradise.

Matter consists of energy vibrating at a slower speed than Spirit energy. (see Einstein: E=mc2) We call this world of energy-matter 3D. During our experience here in the 3D realm, having forgotten that we are “in this world but not of it”, we have accumulated densities in our energy field that manifest in the physical body as illness, recurring thoughts or behavior patterns, confusion, etc.

These densities are what is referred to as “the veil” that separates the worlds, and when released look exactly like that; veils of energy being lifted off of you to reveal more and more of the True Being within! Could this be the origin of the word “evil”? Evil is only an energy veil, or e-veil, covering the Light of the Holy Spirit within us.

So, the purpose of a healing session is to release density, and move any stuck energy in the personal field and until it flows properly. This raises your vibration which results in physical health, mental clarity, and can assist in letting go of ideas or emotional attachments to people or events which no longer serve you. With obstacles cleared the True Self can be discovered, and you take a step closer to the Kingdom within. Desire for, and dedication to knowing and serving your True Self and God accelerates healing tremendously.                                                                                                                                                                                                          



So take a step closer to revealing the Master within. The time to WAKE UP has come! Call me today to book your Personal Healing Session at 978 413 4308.

© 2009 Susan Sloane


2 responses to “The Mechanics of Healing”

  1. That’s beautiful : )

  2. Hi Susan.
    These bodies of light..though a vail of shadow too has its the clock
    stuck on three..
    choices are masked even unto divine balance is sysmtematic and nessesary for freedoms illusion.
    i am as well both in zion and too upon holy ground..i am in the word and in the dance.
    in the flower and the root. in the flute and too blows.
    yet..the stars are moved by will
    as each according to..
    ones own..
    does the healling not have..greater
    power..when gods hands has fingers work..and
    a harmony then sings..all at once..
    and yet so personal.
    so a little..ways
    though its a thin line of light…harmony still finds a heart of courage..and the spirit…for truley all there is is spirit.