What is Ascension?

You feel the change. You hear the call. Take the next step…

Intend to Ascend.

Throughout history, in all cultures and belief systems, Ascension has been written and spoken of as The End Times, The Great Shift, and the end of the Mayan calendar. It is a planetary and galactic event, as the Ascended Masters of all religions as well as Angelic Beings are supporting and assisting us through this transitional time. We are on the cusp of the Thousand Years of Peace written of in The Book of Revelation by John Zebedee.

A great many books are dedicated to this subject, and I haven’t been called to write one, (yet) so here is a brief description of what Ascension is:

  • Earth and its inhabitants are in the process of a collective raising of our vibration to expand from the 3rd dimension and into higher vibrating realms.
  • Ascension is bringing Heaven to Earth ~ the realization of our highest and best potentials we have collectively visualized and prayed for.
  • The Spiritualizing of matter: the descent of our Higher Self, or Spirit, to embody the physical form.

To accomplish this we must:

  • Clear the negative ego
  • Detox the body
  • Activate the Light body
  • Love and embrace all aspects of self, including the shadow self – what would be perceived as our dark side – as an expression of God
  • Retrain ourselves to let our High Heart and Joy lead us in place of the logical/rational mind. The High Heart is the Chakra between the throat and heart chakras. This is where the Pink Diamond Heart resides, our Highest God expression. When you see renderings of The Christ and Mother Mary with the crowned heart on fire, it is always on the High Heart.
  • We must consistently reach out to our Spirit Self, offering the Spiritual handshake, as it eases into physicality so our consciousness and sub-consciousness are in sync.

Some of us are doing all of these things already at a Higher awareness even if we are not consciously aware of it yet. But when we don’t participate consciously in our own evolution and ascension imbalances can occur in the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The time has come to choose the At~one~ment within and without.

Commit to your Ascension and that of the planet, and be the Master you are intended to be!

© 2008 Susan Sloane